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R3E: Open Beta & Pricing Details

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Bram, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

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    Last edited: Aug 9, 2013
  2. Leon Charmant

    Leon Charmant
    Premium Member

    The game looks and sounds stunning, but the free-to-play model is absolutely horrendous. I'm extremely disappointed with the direction they chose for this game because it's a terrible system for the consumer. I'm seeing this as a prequel to GTR3 (if it ever happens).
  3. I don't think it's terrible for the consumer at all, it just depends on much content is paid-for.

    Assuming that it doesn't cost more than an average retail product for a decent amount of content, it shouldn't be an issue.
  4. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    One step at a time.. Premium Member

    Just got my look inside today.. and WOW....
    really impressed with it..
    no worries from me... This is going to be big..:)
  5. Yes, this game i love, and i hope for mine RED Devil to come, Viper GTSR!
  6. It's nice to see simbin finally starting with open beta.
    It looks like R3E will be direct competitor to simraceway.
    And probably will splash them.
  7. Free Content:

    cars: Aquila, 134 Judd V8, Saleen S7r, Canhard RS2, DMD P20

    Tracks: Lakeview, raceroom raceway

    Purchase Content:

    Cars: Mclaren Mp4, BMW z4, Vette C6R, Alpina B6, Audi R8, RUF ctr3, Canhard RSI, Cougar C14-1, Cougar C14-2, DMD P21, Mistral M530, Mistral M531 and BMW 635

    Tracks: Bathurst, Honckenhein, Algarve, zandvoort

    get real
    Apex hunt

    So these are all the content for the initial release, lets say i guy wants to have all, and say that tracks costs 5 EUR, and cars 3,5 EUR.

    So the guys has to spend 45EUR for cars, and 20 EUR for tracks, plus 2 EUR for get real and apex.

    TOTAL: 67,5 EURO* or 89 dollars
    *price will be lower, as not all car and tracks costs the same, i did the sum with max price.
  8. I dont like this free to play format they are using. Up to 3,5 euros for a car and 5,5 for a track just seems really expensive. I think I just pooped a little after reading Vinicius' post.
  9. This is going to fail... go back to the old retail model, I'll pay 30 quid for a game as long as it comes with all the content and allows mods. Not paying for this.... iracing has its place but this and sim raceway no way.
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  10. ive had a quick go on the beta. if its changed i apologise but as i recall 15 euros got you 500vrp and the cars mentioned were 289vrp each and tracks more. hence more expensive than vinicius worked out. ouch
  11. I like the concept, and it being tied to my Steam wallet, but that's a bit too pricey.

    If Michael is correct, sheesh, I can get more decent complete games* than cars for this game.

    *on Steam sales :D
  12. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    These are still beta prizes, in the real game 100vRP is less than €1.
    If I look at my racing experience I only need 2 cars from every series and not every track.
  13. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    I got 5000vRP and than purchased everything including skins...Now i have left just above 1100 vRP
    5000vRP= 39.99 Euro

    I have to say it might not be like iRacing but is not far...so at this prices i am forced to say pass....Maybe they will winn some but after a month or so all will be ruined and more people will say the same,we have iRacing already.
    Overall as a game is not bad at this stage.
  14. Just to confirm my memory was lacking. 5 euros for 500vrp with varying levels up to 40 euros for 5000. get that in quick before i get slaughtered.lol bathhurst circuit 600vrp, a few more cars/tracks free now too
  15. Not cool that you have to pay (even if only a little) just to try it with the assists off. I'm sure I will give in and do it but feels like having to pay for a demo.
  16. For me this issue isn't price - they seem OK. The problem is more that they are not currently offering cars I want to buy - just like iRacing.

    Can you race AI?
  17. Yes you can race AI.
  18. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Race AI? yep, and they are better than me.
  19. You guys may want to brush up on your math a little. ;)
  20. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    That says a lot about your driving skills? :roflmao: Sorry that one was too easy :)