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R3E Must Have

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Beikirch, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Beikirch

    Premium Member

    Hello Guys

    I am new to raceroom. My Question is : What packs tracks and cars you should have? I have the DTM 2013, DTM 91, WTCC 2014 and ADAC GT Masters 2013. Also i have almost all tracks except suzuka, macau, shanghai.
    Thank you :)
  2. On free weekend i had a marathon in which i drove all cars and tried all tracks!!!

    1st off all you can test drive all of the cars free for a limited time (some minutes), so you can decide for your self.

    I don't like so much how this game drives but some cars are better than others.
    I kind of like those http://game.raceroom.com/store/cars/group-5

    But for me, the best car by far is this http://game.raceroom.com/store/cars/chevrolet-daytona-prototype
    It's the only car, that (for me a repeat), drives nice and i am unhappy to see that there are no events with this.

    Tracks my all favorite is this http://game.raceroom.com/store/tracks/all/circuit-park-zandvoort

    If you like this game , i would suggest to buy almost all tracks though or at least, those that you can find some online players.
    I see that you have all tracks but 3, so buy them too.
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  3. thats 3 of the best tracks you missing.... BUY THEM :)
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  4. suzuka and macau for sure, youre crazy not having those!
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  5. budlix

    Wheel Rotator Premium Member

    Macau and WTCC2013/2014 is very challenging combo! Lot of fun (and lot of walls) :)
    I would recommend some prototypes and GT2+3. Just try them for free on RaceroomRaceway track with Test Drive function in Store. Protos are very enjoyable on that track!
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  6. xnorb

    Premium Member

    With WTCC2013, ADAC2013 and DTM2013 i feel like i have everything i need - including Suzuka :D
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  7. Depends on what you are expecting to do with your content.

    If Multiplayer racing on RD is your goal;
    WTCC 2013/14 and at least one of ADAC, LMPs and GTR2 cars, these seem to be the most popular for racing in our clubs.

    If you're just after a great driving experience in singleplayer;
    Group 5, DTM 1992, BMW M1 Procar and the Audi 90 Quattro (GTO Classic).
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  8. I think the GTR2-Pack is missing in your account. For Multiplayer ADAC GT-Masters 2014 should be a good go, as there are often good races with full grids.
    The Group5-Pack is lovely, too... but you should try them before as the cars are really beasty...

    On the Trackside: just buy the missing - all tracks are really great.
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