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R3E > GT Predators Week

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Andy Kettler, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Can't wait to get my hands and ears on that Ford GT :devilish:
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  2. Hate to say it, but I've lost all my interest for this sim. What could bring my interest back is proper racing against AI or in multiplayer.

    No hurry tho, I'm sure it all comes eventually, as Formula Truck/GSC2012 keeps me busy while waiting.
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  3. Glickenhaus just for the heck of it :D
  4. how can we try this cars? when i want to choose ford gt, i have to buy it.
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  5. i can't see any of these cars on competitions :O_o:
  6. Next car is coming later today, they are only available for 24 hours to test drive.
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  7. nvm
  8. So the GT Predators Week is almost at the end. What a great week. Now I hope that next week we will see a special Track week :)
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  9. Why is this (R3E) BMW M3 GT2 so slow?

    It would also be too slow for GT3 I guess…
  10. After checking the leaderboard (Portimao, Hockenheim, Zandvoort, Bathurst), you can clearly see that the M3 GT2 is faster than any GT3 car. Not much, but it is faster.
  11. Seems fast and/or accurate to me? On par with the other GT2 cars at least.
  12. The BMW is fast ! :)
  13. ST0NEBIKER said:
    Why is this (R3E) BMW M3 GT2 so slow?
    It would also be too slow for GT3 I guess…

    same here, I bought it and I'm somewhat disappointed about the subjective speed feeling, it also slides rather fast but nice sound and neutral to handle
    Audi R8 LMS Ultra felt speedier to me
  14. For the moment we have only one all-round circuit to judge also on speed and power: Bathurst.
    I agree that handling of the car is very good!
    But 19th place is the best for the M3 on Bathurst: 2m 3.798s. "Get Real"
    RUF and Corvette are basically humiliating the BMW!

    Of course I ignore completely the "Amateur" mode.
    I am talking about "Get Real" driving model of course.
  15. No its place 13 with a 2:03,314 :D

    This take me 3 laps and I think i can go a little bit faster but ist not that easy without a wheel...

  16. Finally, BMW owns again Bathurst in GTR 2.

    It was also the case with Monza Circuit, but then this Belgium driver Boulanger Stephane
    came along and with only 4 hours of driving he put his Ruf rt12r on pole position in 1m47.633s.