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R&D year on year

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by axle45, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I am new to these forums.

    I was wondering how does the R&D choice as #1 driver affect the development of the car for the following year(s). As far as I understand choosing aggressive focuses on the current car, but does next years car (allowing for the reset) still improve. If so what is the difference compared to balanced or cautious in this regard? I would like to take Caterham or Marussia and be challenging Mercedes by year 4 or 5. Is this possible by focussing on next years development rather than the current year?

  2. if you choose aggresive path on R&D. some of the updated components you receive and install may meet the failures (sometimes).
    cautious path means you will receive a fewer components than balanced/aggresive in current season, due to focusing the development of the car for next season. but mostly the installed components are successfully worked.

    i remember when i was doing my career at Willams in 2012 game, and choosing balanced/cautious (i don't really remember) path. in 3rd year they were able to compete the top teams such as Red Bull & Mclaren. i moved to Mclaren in 4th year and both Williams' drivers was my biggest threat in WDC.
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  3. Thanks henky.

    The manual which Codemasters supply is pretty useless on the subject. I tried aggressive with Marussia and whilst there was improvement through the year, getting into the points occasionally by the end of the second year. But by the time Melbourne rocked up again it felt like I was back to square one, or even worse to some degree.

    What is your general thoughts for a better car for future years balanced or cautious?

    Thanks again.
  4. i think cautious suits lower teams like Marussia and Caterham better. because they are the teams which always at the back of the pack. building a competitive car for them will take ages. need process. they need good and valuable datas, and money. but in next few seasons you will have a good-balanced car.
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    balanced suits better for teams in 3 stars difficulty like Sauber, Lotus and Toro Rosso. or even 2 stars.
    the good R&D path depends to your need and the conditions you had.
  5. I'm not sure you can get a team at the back of the pack to the front anymore.

    I think this element was taken out in the 2013 game, so I assume its not there in this game too.

    As far as I'm aware the cars reset at the end of the season, so all the cars go back to how they were at the start of season 1.

    I think choosing an aggressive path means you get R&D tasks more often, but the parts are more likely to "fail" and not be put on the car straight away. Cautious means less R&D sessions but the parts wont fail and you can use the upgrade straight away.

    That's what I understand anyway, but I could be wrong
  6. Thanks.

    I might give it a go on cautious for a few seasons and see how it goes. It would be a shame if the chassis was reset to season 1 after every season. Will let you know how I go though.
  7. would be great if there was a mod to start a season with all R&Ds on just like the AI do.
  8. I am sure you probably could if someone made a mod where you could extend a 7 year career mode to a 20 year career mode