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R&D Questions

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Hellisan, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I'm new to the game and I play on an Xbox 360. This is my first post here, so "hello," as well.

    I searched for R&D on the entire forum and even though I see threads that contain that phrase, it wouldn't pull them for a search.

    I assume this question has been asked before I apologize. It seems that when I do an R&D session I'm doing it 2-3 times and then I don't necessarily get that upgrade after the race. I'm currently in Turkey and the only upgrade I've successfully gotten is the cruise throttle map setting. It's been telling me we're doing R&D for a new throttle map setting for like three races and even though I beat the requested time every time, it doesn't seem to be "taking" if you will.

    Are there some parameters that are required? I notice a "glitch" where if I load a tune or change my tune settings before accepting, the time is much easier to beat? Does this have a negative effect?

    If there is a thread were all of this has already been discussed I'd love to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks.
  2. I just finished the Turkish GP in my 1st career season and I am well ahead of my teammate, but am still considered the 2nd driver in the team. Twice I have had to do throttle map testing in practice (both times it was easy to do the target lap times) and so far "cruise" and "standard" are my only throttle maps. The game also gave me a slight brakes upgrade and at Monaco I was given a slight aero upgrade, but it was taken away from me after the Monaco race. In practice at my last event (Turkey) the engineer told me my teammates car was outfitted with a new upgrade (the engineer didn't say what the upgrade was) and that I may get it in a few races. But I have not moved on to the Montreal GP yet, so who knows.

    In summary, I unfortunately can not answer your questions. But I am only replying here to let you know you are not alone with these so called R&D upgrades. Oh and I am using the PC version, so your lack upgrades are not restricted to playing on the XBox 360.
  3. When you do an R&D objective you will not get that upgrade until after your team mate initially, you test it he get's it lol :D but later on your car get's them outfitted so no worries there. And if you become driver #1 then you get very little R&D to do but upgrade's as your team mate is now doing them :D. It just takes a while to get them is all, I hope this help's.
  4. Thanks for responding you guys.

    I have another question so I will keep it in this same thread.

    When you're in practice, qualifying, racing... Are the cpu's lap times real? Or are they just sort of being "simulated' apart from the actual cars on the track? I am in Montreal and apparently this is famously easy. In practice on Pro level (I'm not that great at this) I got a 1:18.8xx with my HRT which was easily good for first in the session. Now... There was a car behind me that was gaining on me for like two straight laps. Leading me to believe that the only time the cpu cars matter is during the actual race. Are their lap times real during races at least?

    Another thing is that in races and such the game SEEMS to want there to always be a car right behind me. For example... I'm driving in a pack. Very consistent laps, I haven't passed nor been passed for several laps. In other words, the cpu cars in front of me, my car, and the cpu cars behind me are all doing similar laps for quite awhile. The two cars behind me crash and as I'm driving away there's nobody giving chase. One lap later there's a guy right on my six again. WTF? Is it all just faked?

    How much of this incredible game is actually above board, and how much of it is simulated in the background?

  5. To be honest not much simulation at all :D the Qualifying time's are calculated and the car's are just eye candy (That used to get in you way :D). As for the race the lap times are real for the player by that I mean if you lead the race the times are accurate but if the AI lead's the race no matter their speed the race always finishes around the estimated session time !

    The AI catching you up a.k.a Rubber Banding (spit not true) Is the ai turning their throttle map up to high to catch you once or if they pass you they turn it back off again so you may catch them. This resulted in the term now used but has been addressed and fine tuned in mod's.
  6. You know montreal is a funny track I can hit a 1: 16 in qual and outpace hamilton by 2 seconds but in the race i hit 1 16 and never lose him lol
  7. Well... I feel like a kid finding out Santa Claus isn't real; For the longest I was sitting here thinking wow, how did they do all this?!

    well, the answer is, they didn't.

    Still quite fun, but can't see myself doing the 7 years against smoke and mirrors AI. Knowing that the AI cars have no real limit on how fast they can go, don't need grip coming out of turns, etc... Just lame.