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R&D glitched out?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Ben Eastman, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. To summarize my problem, I did r&d in turkey and passed all three sessions. I turned my xbox off between qualli and race and noticed 1 race later that I had failed my objective for practice? Thought I'd made a mistake and missed the time, but then the same thing happened in monaco. Very annoying tbh I've now spent 2 r&d sessions trying to earn front wing 5% downforce...kind of ruins it for me, I have to do a long race weekend without ever leaving the session? Retarded, ESP in Monaco were I beat the target time by 5+ seconda
  2. I have the same bug. Annoying, but it isn't gamebreaker.
  3. same thing happened in ten. should work every time if you do the r and d first thing. don't look at the monitor or change tires just do the lap without clicking anything for every session.
  4. I think it IS a gamebreaker...as in I wish to get the game and break it for being so damn glitchy.

    Don't get me wrong, it's heaps of fun, but this glitch, along with many of the other's I've run into (random crashing, stupid AI, lighting issues, and more!) just make me want to put the controller down until Codemasters get their act together.
  5. I think you're being a little too anal about these glitches. An R&D glitch is a game breaker to you? Are you serious dude lol. Codemasters has released the first patch and are already working on the second, at least they aren't rolling around in our money laughing at us.
  6. It's annoying. I wanted that 5% extra front downforce! That's not insignificant!

    To be honest though, the target times are pretty easy to beat, so they should really just give it to you for free! I struggle to beat legend AI on my keyboard (no suspension changes) but I can still beat the R&D times on Legend without too much problem.
  7. also happened to me i was 1st on legend in montreal 1st and 2nd practise sessions
    did both the R&D's indeed returned to the motorhome (helmet selection screen)
    when i went back into the session my R&D objectives where failed

    also every single time i want to start the game i have to select my steering wheel because the game doesnt save my custom setup somehow.
  8. Press start button on your wheel instead of enter key on keyboard.
  9. Do not skip sessions. When you beat the target time the engineer should say that there is enough data collected. Also in car menu it should say that the objective is passed. I don't know the reason for this problem. I had it in Australia. I've restarted the championship because of save bug (i found the solution too late) and after that updates are ok. I'm now in turkey with lotus and i have 3 updates on the car and one should be acquired for Turkey.
  10. M@gik

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    A patch was made against some bugs.. You stick it on your DVD.

    because on me he don't work...I am like you...this game is the best game ever and also the most bugged...we must admit it...better to have it, mariokart on nintendo is a bit old now :)
  11. So what is the workaround? Drive down the pitlane and retire to paddock? Don't use skip to next session or continue if you fast forward?
    Can we confirm it's fixed in the latest patch?
  12. Dont think there is any workaround, unless its a case of "lady luck" and w/e you do it works.
    A list of fixed buggs, for all the platforms, on their website would be very nice....
  13. I just ran into this same issue, am at Turkey with Force India and had achieved the goals at both Malaysia and China. I see no upgrades on the car monitor (where in F1-2010 they would still be hi-lited in red) have been doing long weekends (20% distance) and only do an engine change or fast forward, never skip. How do you get around this?
  14. Seemed to work for me at my second attempt, finished all my practice sessions with the car out on track, this used to do the trick in 2010 aswell :)
  15. After completed 2nd season i missed 1 5% front downforce upgrade and 2*5% engine wear upgrades although i completed/beaten the set time along with the teammates times. Went straight to Q sessions without leaving/quiting. And i drive long weekends 20% races.
  16. WTF!!!! I am doing my first career in williams...Initially there were two empty blocks in the unique section of upgrades. I think in spain I got a notification saying there are wind tunnel upgrades and downforce + 20%.

    But I think I talked the team down in an interview after a hard race and said it will be hard to take the title and upgrades come by very slowly. I am now at canada and I see that block has disappeared. No more 20% downforce... there is only one EMPTY block at unique.

    Seriously!! Its such a great and fun concept...but sooo messed up and buggy. It would be ace if the physical body parts change as they do in real life. that would be work...but man...would look awsome and be satisfying to see new pieces of aero on car etc.
  17. Did you complete R&D objective in all 3 practice sessions?
  18. This is because it was an "unique" upgrade just for the specific track. No wonder it disappears after that race.
  19. Yes i have. And I missed a 5% rear wheel drag reduction at Melbourne on my 3rd season, for w/e the reason. Not sure how much these objectives actualy help, but i´m thinking it´s there for a reason.
  20. Wait...really?? So unique upgrades are track specific? Damn...that sucks. It would be nice if codes supplied some good documentation in a pdf manual to explain all these features.