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Quick-ish lap time improvement using clutch

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Dan Smith, May 28, 2012.

  1. Although daunting for some, using the clutch is a quick-ish way of gaining time without hours of setup work.

    When I first starting playing FM3 I couldn't use the clutch but Wayne helpfully told me that I could change the buttons around to make it easier (from LB to A). With the clutch assigned to LB, I was always getting cofuffled and ended up locking my brakes or changing down too many times and locking up that way. Once I switched it to A button it took me about 10 minutes to get the hang of it without any real issues (using X to change down gear and B to change up). This setup allows me to press the clutch and the gear up/down at the same time and wastes no time change gear. One important thing to remember, is to let off the accelerator for just as long as it takes to change gear, so you limit the risk of blowing your gearbox and engine.

    As a quick example:

    Chris' Civic '04 setup can get me around a second faster using the clutch than without. Lower classes have a bigger gain through using the clutch over something like the DTM cars.

    Mastering using the clutch is relatively easy with a little practice, and the benefits are huge. Setting up the gears will also get easier as you'll develop a much more precise idea of when the perfect time to change gear is. Another little bonus is not having to upgrade your clutch and using the PI points saved to upgrade something else like tyre width or possibly a small increase in HP.

    This is just the way I do it. I know Chris uses the right stick and Karl uses another way for his wheel, but hopefully some of you can start moving up the field a little bit and improving your leaderboards!

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  2. Karl uses another way for his wheel,

    Just say it u know u want to lol
  3. Go on say it!
  4. Cool great advice there Dan.I'll definitly check it out before the race this evening.
    I never used the clutch. But seems I'll have to do it if I want to close my gap in FM4.
    Especially as you've seen yesterday I was 2 seconds of the pace and if this indeed allows me to gain 1 sec.Then I'm almost on track to follow you guys around.

    Funny phrase to read "Karl uses another way for his wheel".
    Do we want to know it ;)
  5. It's not that cryptic really. It's very difficult to use a button on your steering wheel as a clutch for people who don't have a very malleable brain, so Fanatec have introduced a feature in the CSR(+e) lines of wheels called AutoClutch that basically programs the paddle shifter to press the "A" button at the same time so we can have the same advantage that people using a pad enjoy.
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  6. Of course it's totally unnatural if you're using a wheel that you should press a button for a clutch to engage.

    But if you use a flappy paddle to shift and you're driving a flappy paddle car in the game.
    Say a ferrari and you have set your options to manual+clutch.Then you still have to use the clutch pedal? If you switch it to manual and no clutch then you shift with the flappy paddle only?

  7. With the auto clutch feature on the fanatec you can have the setting “manual with clutch" in the game but you only need to shift up and down with the flappy paddles and it does the clutch for you, no clutch pedal or button to press, you just shift up and down like you would with the setting “manual and no clutch." If that makes sense.
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  8. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    Not sure about the button on the wheel thing. Once I got my wheel I just had to get a decent set of pedals for it too!

    When you're shifting down with the clutch on the pad, are you also blipping the throttle to keep revs up as that can always give you better times too as you're keeping the engine revs matched to the gear?
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  9. Im not doing that alex but im gunna try it :)
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  10. I can't use clutch, too many buttons on controller for me
  11. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    I tried using it on the pad and although not a patch on using wheel/pedals, it did become fairly straight forward.

    Put the gears either side of the "A" Button for the clutch. I tried it with "X" Down and "B" Up and it worked fine. Could even blip the throttle for gear matching like this.

    But, really, you NEED pedals, wheel and gearstick....
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  12. I think i'll have to have a try at using my clutch, but am i right in thinking you have to use the clutch for all up and down shifts in all cars?

    or can you use it like in Race 07 and still up shift while flat on the load pedal?
  13. In Forza if you use the option for Manual w/ Clutch you need to clutch on all upshifts and downshifts regardless of the car.
  14. I'm finding the clutch in Forza to be very strange compared to PC racing sims.

    I started off by using my clutch pedal and as i can't heel n toe i'm braking with my right foot, but if i don't blip the throttle between downshifts the engine revs die off and i often lock up the driven wheels. so i had a go at using the button on my wheel, which helped as i could left foot brake and blip the throttle. but i hate having to use a button for the clutch.

    So does anyone have any tips for using the clutch pedal without having to heel n toe?

    I'm using a Turbo S wheel and club sport pedals.

    Also on upshifts, i noticed that you don't have to lift of the throttle!
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  15. What car are you trying this on? I've always crunched my gears if not couching on an upshift.
  16. tried it on lots of cars, i was watching replays when i first noticed people keeping throttle full.
  17. Yup, I noticed this too when watching replays, have been on other sites recently, and people on there with times I respect (seconds faster than me!!) have said keep the power down!
  18. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    But don't the revs go way above the recommended amount, (damaging the engine), if you're shifting with clutch and not letting off the loud pedal at all? :O_o:
  19. Its not something i do tbh!! I allways let of the gas when changing
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  20. Thought I smelt something! :poop:
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