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Questions, Pit strategy?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Rosso, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Hi fellows,
    I started playing F1 2013 after finding it during the steam sales.

    I've played the 2011 edition years ago on the Xbox, so I had a rough idea what I was getting into.

    recently I've been playing the game on 100% race length and on medium difficulty (I'm not a terribly fast driver to be honest, about 1:20 on Monaco) only when I get to the races, I'm let down usually by the pit strategy.

    Usually because I lose place during pitting and being unable to regain my place or improve, and I've tried having a look around for something definitive on how to approach pit strategy, but I haven't really found anything.

    So (hopefully) could somebody explain to me how to approach the pit strategy? or should I just listen to the race engineer for once?

    P.S. How do you even race Monaco with TC off? Christ.
  2. Its all about practice without TC ;)

    As for strategy, it is very dependant on 3 things (maybe 4)

    1. Your car, A red Bull is better on tires than a Mercedes
    2. The weather, Wet weather allows more relaxed driving, dry weather forces you to push
    3. Your position in the field, if you have a ferrari and are p12, you should probably go for an undercut
    4. Your in/out lap, try run on mix 3 for in lap, and mix 1 for outlap, this allows you to get heat into the tyres without wasting fuel and ruining them.

    I suggest you read this article, covers the basics, i'll reply later with a more detailed and realistic approach

  3. Interesting read, I found it insightful but I look forward to your in-depth reply.

    Another question though; I've been following Tiametmarduk's channel for a little while, but I've noticed his hotlaps are insane, the way he takes some turns like they're nothing, and I have trouble with them on my 360 controller. (though he looks like he's been playing since 2011, possibly even before), that being said, is having a wheel more advantageous than using a gamepad? or does it really matter

  4. Tiamet has got some great tips, if you look on his channel he talks a lot about preserving tires in order to give him more options. The 360 pad is very difficult, I used it since 2010 and was struggling badly, especially in online races. Luckily I landed a sponsorship with Thrustmater and they sent me a really nice F1 wheel and pedals, and since then I've been a lot stronger both on track and in the pits.

    Do you tend to race singleplayer or do you do a co-op championship, I found that the latter allows you to learn a lot more from your team mate, espicially to do with pit strategy.

    It may be worth setting your qualy time in Q2 on Primes, that way if you make it into Q3 your set, however it also allows you to run a fresh set of tyres if you are outside the top 10, I aim to do some setup guides later on my youtube channel as my setups are very quick on the prime tyres to the point where I can run quicker for longer on primes compared to options.

    If you want to post your setups here, I'd be glad to have a look!
  5. Thurstmaster T500? Nice stuff, a bit steep for my budget though, anything cheaper you'd recommend?
    I've heard the logitech wheels are great, but i haven't done much research in that area.

    I generally race singleplayer career mode, occasionally time-attack and whatnot, haven't even touched online yet, though I've been using Tiamet's setups from his channel.

    Currently I've found myself in a Malaysia GP where the qualifying is dry, but the race has a good chance of rain, I've tried to make a setup that compromises for both, so have a look.

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  6. Thats understandable dude! Have a look around and see if there is anything that interests you and I might be able to do something for you :)

    If I'm honest, I think you'll learn more in your first 5 online races as opposed to your first 50 in career. Have a look for a race/league and give it a shot, nobody will cast you out :)

    Your setup looks good, although I tend to run low pressure in the wet to ensure that I don't lock up, the rest of it looks nice though.

    The important thing to remember is with a Race that has high chance of rain, If it's likely to be within the first 25% of the race, then I suggest run primes until it rains, you may be slow to start, but you will be able to carry yourself that bit further.

    If I'm honest the only thing that it sound like is your driving ability, you have the setups and the right mentality. Just try get into a rythm that you find good, with a Toro Rosso you are not expected to be in the top 5 :p
  7. I'll keep your advice to mind, I've actually been looking at other racing games too, like GT legends, but that's for another time.

    I hear 'rhythm' a lot in relation to racing, what do people mean by that? like get a beat going in your head?

  8. You should get some bro, I could do with a few friends :p

    Race Rythm is both something in and out your head, everyone has their own rhythm, How I understand it is being able to stay consistent lap wise without wearing out your tyres quickly and being able to respond to situations.

    For example on Monaco, When I put on Primes, my Rhythm usually contains of a fast out lap and then 2 purple laps. After this I "settle down into my rythm". This is around the 1:16 lap times, give or take 0.500 seconds. This way I can sit comfortably in at a speed whereby I can catch up with those ahead but not run my tyres down in under 10 laps.

    The easiest way to find your rythm is by going out on track in free practice, throw on a set of primes and aim for a realistic lap time, and try to stick with it, if yo find your target to slow, increase it marginally. Realistically for a 100% race you want to be able to get 15 laps within the same pace. On options around 8 laps within a target.

    It might sound stupid, but you just need to spend time with the car until you feel it's limits, find a optimum pace, and stick with it. If you do this, you can Win championships just by focusing on your own race :)
  9. I find it tricky to remain consistent with my Xbox 360 controller, but like you said practice makes perfect.

    That race in Malaysia went swimmingly enough, quite literally. I'll have to try online when I get some time, Thanks for your help in the meantime