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question ?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Yves Larose, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i was wondering if it possible to open a track that have already be made and retouch it ? exemple i have a version of an X track and want to modified it to an older layout of the same track. lets say i want to take the Montreal from rFactor and rework it to make the layout of the 70's. is it possible to do that ?
  2. E.Zelaieta


    Hi Yves Larose :rotfl:

    I your X Track file is that one generated by BTB, a XML one, I think you can try to open it but I dont know exactly if you go to pop up any critical error becouse I remenber like

    some of old XML version, generated (with 0.4 version?) can't handle with the newest Piddy's soft ...

    But the best person to say you exactly and coment about it, is Piddy.

    Talking about your second question, It's something similar about another older post.

    For the moment, you can't import a rFactor GMT or if you want a X - File generated with 3ds Max, wich contains a rFactor track data.

    BTB is a great tool for track creation, easy to use if you have the inspiration and know good what do you want to do and not for modify another tracks created and released by other modellers.

    I hope I help you, I try it to ...

    Have a nice day.
  3. E.Zelaieta


    Hi there,

    I didn't want create a new topic for only a simply question so here i've got :rotfl:

    In the next attached picture, you can see mi "problem":


    I want to know how can I create the rest of the big grass mesh before asign the background picture texture?

    Like you can se, I create the road (yes, Nordschliefe circuit) and a litle plane for circuit grass section. Now I want create another biggg mesh, to clone like I say, background texture :)

    Thanks for all and cya.
  4. buckets


    You could use the fill function (i.e. select the current edge nodes of your inner terrain the edges and right-click fill) but that looks like it must be a huge area so you probably want to drag out new polys (or really look at only creating terrain in the areas that will be seen).

    You're best to have a look in the help files regarding the terrain tools or watch the video on the BTB site (the V0.6 one) as these explain it better than I will.
  5. Lamda


    Make vertical planes with scenery. it is to much to fill out with polygones. if you make real surface, you must place all objects ....a lot of work.....

  6. jay_p_666


    No need to fill up with terrain such a big amount of kilometers that will not even noticeable in-game. But you can select multiple polys and drag out to create new ones on some place. My xpack will include a particular way to fix that by adding a background terrain as a groundmesh object just like the way original rbr game use it. :)