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Question on graphics being 'slow'

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Dietmar, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    when I play Race I recognize two things:
    Environment things, like trees or mountains appear delayed on the screen and I see them getting drawn.
    Especially when I start, there is a hick up in the motions on the screen

    Both are not important but a little bit annoying, especially as I bought a new graphic adapter recently.

    My system specs E6600 (@2.4 GHZ), 4 GB RAM (but XP32), ATI 3870 based adapter with 512 MB, Asus P45 based mainboard (also just got exchanged due to trouble with the old one).

    I thought, that the hardware I have should be sufficient. Playing in 1600x1050 with full details.

    Is this something that I just have to accept?

  2. What is your ingame view distance setting? if you have it on close, then could be that things you see getting drawn, i have set mine to the max, i think it is called Very Far or similar.
  3. Yeh that's it Atti^

    It may also help if you turn the Level of Detail up to 150%
  4. Your graphiccard is fast, but not fast enough for full details in a high resolution with AA!
    But if you set special effects and shadow quality on low then the game should run fluid.

    I always wondered what the details option does.
    I tested on the track in Pau and i didnt spot an object at 150% that wasnt there with 50%.
    It seems to only affect draw distance.
  5. A 3870 should run Race 07/GTR Evo maxed quite easily - i could max Race 07 on a AMD 3200+ single core and a nVidia 7800GT...
  6. I can max race 07 on a 1.4 ghz pc but the fps wont be that max then.:wink:
  7. lol, when i say max, i mean maxed out and completely playable aswell :)
  8. Thats the problem :)
    "Completely playable" can be anything between 10 and 100 fps.
    For me its 75 fps because thats my monitors refresh rate.
    I play with low effects and shadows because it looks not fluid with vsync at 70 of 75 fps.
    And without vsnyc transparent lines go over the screen.
  9. Increasing the view distance (was before 'far', now 'very far') and the details (before 100% now 150%), seems to solve the problem. :becky:

    Did not do a long test, but a comparison in Macau shows a significant difference! Thanks guys!

    (I already got scared by Ingo's post :))

    Running AA level 2 (just picked something when I configured, will play around a little bit with it later)
  10. Anything above Level 4 seems to glitch on Race 07 and actually looks worse. You could always force 16xAA and 16xAF in the graphics card drivers.