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Question: do the mods from the Race 07/GTR Evo work for the WTCC?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by ledanek, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. I bought RACE WTCC for a friend coz I'm trying to introduce him to the many SimBin racing games.

    I had him try BMW M3 & Volvo demo, but was not impressed due to lack of damage.

    So I said I will buy the WTCC for him to try.

    Question: do the mods from the Race 07/GTR Evo work for the WTCC?
    coz if it does, I'll burn him copies of the mods for him to add to WTCC.
    if not, then I'm not going to burn him copies of the mod.

    if he likes it, should he go straight to GTR Evo or just Race 07.
    remember, he's new, he only has a gamepad, and he's not a diehard.
    it's just casual racing...so GTR2 is probably too much for him.

    advance thanks
  2. Race on should be released soon and has Race 07 and STCC included, not sure about the GTR:E bits and bobs though.
  3. my friend is so cheap, he wouldn't even pay for the $9.99 price tag for WTCC.

    I don't think he'll pay for the Race On.

    that is why I'm luring him in with only just the Race WTCC.
    if he happens to fall in love with WTCC, he can buy Race On.

  4. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    I am confused a little. With WTCC you mean this game RACE The WTCC Game?:

    If so the answer is no, that game didnt support any modding whatsoever unfortunately. But seriously in some only shops you can buy GTR Evolution (including RACE 07) for less then 10 euro's. :)
    Does your friend ever buy you a beer in the bar? :D Or is he too cheap for that as well :laugh:
  5. ...I don't even count anymore how many times he would tell the bartender to put it on someone's tab....you know that move where he would look at a stranger, wave at him, if he waves back, it's on his tab!

    He would wait for me to finish a game and then borrow permanently the game.
    that cheap :D

    But he posted bail for me before and took me to the ER many times...so it pays to be his friend....sometimes :D

    so thanks for the info...I shall not burn any disc for him until he gives into Race On....then I'll borrow that copy :D