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Question concerning RF2 Saulnier's skin

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Hugo von Falken, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm doing some skins on the Saulnier, in order to upgrade textures, alpha layers, mostly the wheel and the cockpit view. ( Files are here http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/resources/saulnier-racing-2008-lms-open-source.89/ )

    It's easy to add a new car skin (with name_alt), but once I export to .dds the cockpit and Wheel PSD, I dont't know how to proceed. Do I have to compile it ? I tried to creat a folder named LMP1_04_alt with all the dds files in it, but it did not work.

    Thanks a lot
  2. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Moved to rF2 forum.

  3. Hi Hugo,

    the best is to name the DDS files for the wheel and cockpit (and other parts) the same as the original ones and replace the files in the /map folder. Inside 3d max you could reload the materials and they should show up.
    For the body skin you can use the _alt option, but for the other updates you could do two things:
    1. recompile the whole car and make a rfcmp file, so people can use your work.
    2. create an update for the .mas file which replaces only the updated dds files.

    I am very curious what you did with the car! :) I hope you will upload it to the resources here at RaceDepartment. :thumbsup:
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  4. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    What if he made an AUDI R15 out of it...you know...some people would love that! *hint hint* :p
  5. Than I would drive it. :D

    But in that case a recompile would do it. It's open source, so ... ;)
  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Oh well, I'm not good when it comes to making skins. Photography, photo editing and the likes - not a problem. Everything else related to image stuff? Not the slightest clue. :)
  7. thanks Tom

    Thanks for your answer Stefan, I have not used 3Dsmax for a very long time. Do you know how to proceed in order to make a rfcmp file or update the .mas file plz ?

    I only did some texturing at the moment ( mostly on the kevlar in the left cockpit - normally there s no kevlar parts here - , added some screws on the wheel like the original wheel, changed buttons textures, added a map at the right side etc...) , and I don't think it s allowed to totally change the car if I want to run the Sebring 12H with a modified car. But I'll try to post everything I make.

    So I just wanted to change the textures inside the car with no changes on 3D meshs. I wish I could change the whole cockpit view, but I sadly don't have that sort of skill ^^ Maybe with some help I can make it.

    But first I m doing 2 skins : one for my team on the P1, and another with the 2013 concept art OAK racing car . I'll post it here when it's finished.

  8. Hi Hugo,

    you have to make a .mas file using the mas2.exe, which comes with rFactor2.

    The .mas file will contain all files which are in the .\map folder. Save the mas file as lmp2.mas.

    All files which are in the .\team folder will will be in another .mas file which is called: lamp2_teams.mas

    All files in the root of the .\rFactor2\Data\ModDev\vehicles\LMP2 will be another .mas file called : lmp2_main.mas.

    Then you need to put these into a .rfcmp with version 1.1 or above and upload it to the RD resource server. :)

    I don't have a manual of how to make the rfcmp, but you'll need to use here also the MAS2.EXE tool. Just keep in mind that it al works with .mas files. Keep sound mas files, vehicle mas files etc separated.
    Per category vehicle/sound you make a single rfcmp package, and then you make a multiple one.
    Sorry I am not the best person to explain how to do it. I should write a manual when I got some time.
    I do could help you making it, although I have limited time, especially from of next monday I will be without a windows machine for 3.5 weeks. :p

    quix=ckest way to reach me is thru pm. Good luck! :thumbsup:
  9. thanks a lot for these informations.

    I'll come back soon when the work is finished ;)
  10. I tried this morning to edit only textures, and export the in the .mas. It worked perfectly, and it worked on the serv with the mod. Thanks for your help Stefan.( I Just noticed you're the guy who made the mod, big thanks for you )
    /!\ the server mod is considered sa corrumpted after installed. Only offline mode is recongnized
    Changed :
    - Kevlar textures ( HD and thinner ) and darker textures ( mostly for the left side )
    - Notes sizes, graphic colours.
    - Added some screws

    Link :http://rapidshare.com/files/2717040208/Cockpit_wheel_V1.rar

    Original files : http://rapidshare.com/files/4100639417/Pescarollo LMP_original files.rar
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  11. Awesome job you did there Hugo! :thumbsup:

    Could you please enable the downoads? They are disabled, so nobody can download it. You could also decide to upload to upload it to the RaceDepartment server. :)
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  12. I tried here but when I put zip or rar files it wrrites " unable to upload that sort of files "
    Last time I tried mod is considered as corrupted even if I only changed only textures, take care
  13. Is anyone able to download this?
  14. I changed settings. are DL still blocked ?
  15. Thank you Hugo, it works now! :)
  16. cool ;) I ll work during the summer on the wheel and try to creat t a new one. I hope you'll be around ;)

    I hope the textures are fine. What I did is not an amazing work, but I hope its good enought.

  17. Sounds cool! :) And if you are at it, maybe do some shadows for the bodywork! :)

    I'll be around, so no worries! :)

  18. I will ^^ the problem with bodyskin is that there s flashy green stripes on the spoiler and the chassis. I Managed to change them, but it 's still considered as a mod corruption.

  19. I think you will need to repack the whole car to make it work not just one single part of the car.
    The MAS2 tool might put a id code to the mas file which need to match the other files from the mod.
  20. so basically i need to :

    - Replace the files I want either directly on the open source LMP2_V1.1 (I dont think )
    or extract all the files from the LMP.Mas, replace them, then repack on a new .mas ( easier way I think )

    THen creat a new Saulnier_Racing_2008_LMS.rfcmp ?

    I'm installing 3D smax now. It's going to be slow but I thought the easier way to go is :

    For the cockpit :

    - Take the orginal cockpit " buckhead " or board in order to have the same proportions and shape.
    - extrude some polygons in order to have basic volumes ( for the integrated LCD window for example ). The rest will be brighten up with textures )
    - Creat some accessory parts like radio box, plug racording box, safety cells ( dunno the english name, the removable object around the driver's head )
    - add a windshield

    The wheel :

    Creat a new one with integrated potentiometers. I don't know how many polygons I should use tho.
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