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Question about Rally School

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ton van Rijn, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. When I start a lesson in the Rally School I first get an overview of the track with hints what to do etc. But this picture is shown so short that I don't get a chance to read it all. Is there a possibility to pause it ? I tried it with the Pause button but that doesn't work. I cannot find the files in the install folder as well.
  2. As you go thru rally school you will get all sorts of tips on how to drive it, cones showing the best lines, even a ride along with Burns himself.
  3. Yes, that is why I want to do it. But I think I wasn't clear enough with my question for what I mean.
    When I go to the Rally School and choose a lesson and subsequently the transmission (Manual or Automatic), I very briefly see a picture of the track while the lesson loads. I would like to be able to study this picture a bit longer, but it is away after 1-2 seconds. Then the Introduction is shown and the lesson must be started.
  4. Sorry I understood, but I was just pointing out that you will get so much info about driving there in the lessons it is not really required.

    If no one has come up with a image of it by tonight, I will use fraps and take a screen cap for you.
  5. Thanks for the tip Aaron. I had not thought of Fraps which I have installed myself. Tried it meanwhile and works perfectly.
  6. But is this picture really necessary? The presentation just after the loading screen gives you much better view of what to do, I think.
  7. No, but I think it helps me a bit more.
  8. I think the Rally School lessons are invaluable, a great way to learn the various arts of Rally Driving and how to handle cars in RBR. It's essential for all newer drivers, but very handy for experienced guys too.
    I often go back to the lessons to see if I can do things better. :)
  9. Not only that but if you get perfect through every lesson you unlock a new car :D
  10. I like to load up car packs in RSRBR and take on rally school. Right now I am trying to get perfect in all lessons with the N4 car. Really challenging to be way down on power and still hit the targets.
  11. I made 2 Profiles, 1 Mulligatawny for RSRBR with everything unlocked and 1 default. With the last one I am trying to get Perfect as well for all the lessons. I think I did the Qualification Trial in Basic Driving more than 100 times before I had it Perfect. But I think that that also had to do with my wheel being on a rather unstable table. Meanwhile I bought a race seat (a dutch made, called SRSeat Elite) and the 1st time I tried the Qualification Trial again I did it within 1:30.
  12. You'll need to shave off 10secs to perfect the entire rally school, you'll see why soon enough ;).
  13. I'm trying the Rally School to get a feel for how things work in RBR (use Dirt2 @ moment). In either automatic or manual mode I find the car just splutters away from the start line after I've selected first gear. Am I missing a setting somewhere or is this normal for the school tests :confused:

  14. Hey Pete,
    Cant say ive ever had that issue, do u use the a wheel set with a clutch pedal? as this could possibly help to keep revs up.
    I find when taking off in RBR i just put the clutch in and keep the revs up til i get the Go! signal and ive never had it splutter off the start line, so maybe you just need your RPM higher at the start line.

    hope that helps
  15. Yes, I have a Fanatec wheel with clutch - will try that later, up until now I've only been using the paddles. Dirt2 has an automatic clutch linked to the timing lights and that allows you to get the engine revs up just when you need them
  16. I've got my head around the clutch issue and the fact that the car has to be in neutral before it will start. I should now be able to make good starts now :cool: :D