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Qualy vs race pace

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Santiago Garcia, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. I'm playing Career mode with Toro Rosso in my first season and it seams that the pace of the AI on the qualy session is slower in proportion to the pace during the race.

    For example: if I choose any difficulty level below legend on qualy I can easily get into the top ten, something very unlikely with Toro Rosso, so I choose legend to match the team objectives and don't go any further. But then I go to the race and I can't match the race pace on legend, even the pace of the slowest cars. So, to match the race pace I have to drop a difficulty level between the qualy session and the race. From Legen to Expert or from Expert to Professional, for example.

    It's something very annoying for me. Because let's say for a momment I don't have the skills to play Legend difficulty, ok then, I wouldn't care to admit it and I'd play Expert difficulty if this were the case. What's annoying is to have to drop a difficulty level because the pace is not well balanced between
    the different sessions.

    Did anyone else notice this? Is there any way to fix it? One of the mods that tweak the difficulty levels maybe?
  2. Same experience here, bud. To me it was like that in F1 2012 too, and happens again in 2013.
    But if you're on PC,you may want to try koeloe's Custom AI Difficulty Levels mod, as it allows you to fine tune the time differential between P3-Quali and Race.
    Using his mod, I go 1 or 2 levels (1 level making a 0.5 sec time difference) down from Quali to Race, and that gives me a balanced long weekend.
  3. I normally use expert level, in practice on low fuel mix is correct with the ai speed because they use the low fuel mix.
    in qualifying the levels are the same and it is competitive with the ai but when it comes to the race and I manage to qualify in first in the lotus my speed is consistent with the ai but either Alonso, Hamilton or Vettel are much much faster then me and everyone else in the race, this needs fixing, I don't use any mods at the moment but I want to edit the game myself just to make it as close to the release as I can.
    what do I do to make these 3 drivers consistent with all the rest or the field?
  4. just completed 100% race at Barcelona, qualitied in 1st place and ended up in 7th, the race leader finished 1min and 30 secs ahead, that's just not right is it?
  5. Same here.

    I change difficulty level between quali and race
  6. I find by doing that I am far too fast and everyone else is too slow
    if I go from expert to pro for the race.
  7. just raced at Monaco, the leader was lapping 3 seconds faster on expert towards the end of the race.