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Purchase Recommendations

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Dave R, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. I bought the DTM 2014 experience and love it. I'm thinking now I need some more content to race with and would love some recommendations. Here's what I have in my cart and how sure I am that I want to purchase it. I never race online (not good enough yet) and mainly just do seasons/single races.

    DTM 1992-Definitely
    American Track Pack-definitely (cannot wait to run Mid Ohio)
    European Track Pack-definitely
    DTM 2013 Experience- I think I need this to run the DTM cars at other tracks.
    Radical SR9- had a blast in the test drive
    ADAC 2014- kinda ehh on this one.
    GTR 2 Cars-ehh
    WTCC 2013- Definite
    Salzburgring and Bathurst= not sure
    Ford GT1-Definite
    Silhouette Series- not sure on this one either. If I buy all the cars, are there enough liveries to have a full race with them?

    If theres anything good I'm missing then let me know that as well. Thanks so much in advance. I appreciate the recommendations.
  2. Salzburgring is a great track. There is a mod for AC you can demo it at. I am not buying it just yet though :)
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  3. As I have read in the Sector 3 forum. ADAC 2014 uses ABS and ADAC 2013 no. I have the 2013 for this reason. This does not mean that stuck buying 2014, as now only costs me 7 euros.

    Another amazing cars are the G5 group, (Ford Capri and the BMW 320 Turbo). On top 3 most cars minimum for this category are expected. I buy them if or if.

    Audi 90 Quattro is amazing, defently a car you must have.

    WTCC 2013, DTM 2013 and DTM 1992 must have, simply amazing.

    The prototypes are incredibly funny.

    GTR2 not have them, but I will have soon.

    For tracks... I have all except Salzburgring, simply because out today. Each track in R3E is a masterpiece. Bathurst is a must, too funny for not having it.

    If you want to save some money, buy here VRP to spend on the game: http://www.raceroomstore.com/shop_en/vrp Get up to 35% off.

    You only need 1 car to race againts all his skins. But you only can drive the car you have. Same for categories, one GTR X lets you race all GTR X.

    Sorry for my bad english.
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  4. Actually i would not say DTM2013 cars are a must-have as they have the old physics. The 2013 DTM will be updated for sure anytime, but i would suggest you to do a "Test Drive" before you buy them.
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  5. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    'Must haves' in my opinion:

    DTM Experience 2014
    ADAC GT Masters Experience 2014
    WTCC 2013 pack
    DTM '92 pack
    European track pack
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  6. Be careful what you buy, for instance, why buy DTM 2013 Experience, you have all the tracks in DTM 2014 you already bought except 1, just buy that on its own, or if you are buying WTCC 2013 anyway it comes with that 1 missing track.
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  7. He only wanted that pack for the tracks, but like i say in my post not needed.
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  8. [FriendlyOfftopicEnglishTip]
    En todo caso "yes or yes" pero está mejor dicho "I would buy them with eyes closed". Saludos :)

    (Actually it's said "yes or yes" in english, but you better say "I would buy them with eyes closed". Cheers).

    DTM 2014, ADAC 2014 & WTCC 2013 are excellent packs. And for the tracks I would say America+Europe track pack are a big deal.
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  9. Thank you all for the recommendations!!! I bought ADAC14, WTCC13, DTM1992, The American Track pack,and the European Track pack. I also bought the points and got a discount and I still have 3000 left over (thanks Thug Life). I haven't decided if I'll bank that in anticipation of WTCC14 or buy a few individual cars for series. This forum and site is amazing
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  10. Gracias!! El puto traductor me a jugado una mala pasada!!! jajajajaja. Un saludo! ;)

    Thank you !! The f*cking translator played me a trick on!!! :D
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  11. I have a quastion that have little bit to do with purchasing...Why can I race the DTM 2013, DTM 1992, WTCC etc cars on any tracks I want in R3E but not DTM 2014 cars?...
  12. Any time, any question you got mate, this is the right place to ask. Cheers and happy race, you'll LOVE the WTCC 2013, try a custom championship at 105% difficulty AI.

    License problems. Actually, nowadays, is only possible to do this with DTM 2013.
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  13. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    If you've that much left then get Salzburgring. Just do it. You'll thank me later.
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  14. Ok James, I'll get Salzburgring too. You drive a hard bargain. Martin the way that it was explained to me about running the DTM 14 cars outside of the experience is that the agreement they have in place doesn't allow for that. I ran the WTCC cars at Laguna Seca and right before the cork screw all I saw was smoke rising. I love it. I hope for Watkins Glen soon. It was the first road course I ever learned to drive in Sim Racing in the old NASCAR Papyru games and Sears Point was the second one. I do have two more questions if I haven't used up all mine for the day. If I buy the touring car classics (3 cars 16 liveries I think), can I run them all by themselves in a race and a championship? Second question, has there been any discussion by Sector 3 about a possible open wheel car being added? I would love to run open wheels around Indy and Mid Ohio. Again thank you all for the help today. It's much appreciated.
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  15. We all here expect openwheels at some point and Sector3 knows it, give them the time.
    You don't have to buy all the touring classics, I'll explain myself: If you just want to drive one of this cars then buy only that car and the AI will run the rest at any gamemode.
  16. Thanks Oscar!! I bought 1 car from each of the series so I can run those (GT2, GT3, GTX), but I have discovered that it only adds AI from the same vehicle so you get a lot of repeats. I ended up buying DTM 2013 and a few other full packs so I now have everything short of the SR9's and the Hill Climb stuff. Man this is getting expensive!!! Again a huge thank you to all of you.
  17. I will say this after going through to see what cars I had etc, I'm wishing now I had just bought full packs of cars. I didn't know that when you purchased one car that you didn't get all the skins for it. I'm regretting the purchase of the gtx,classic touring car, and the gt3 car. I went to play a GT1 race and had repeat drivers in the field of 11. I went and looked and i needed to purchase the additional cars to have no repeats. I went ahead and bought them and all of GT2 as well. From now on, I'll just buy full packs. I've learned my lesson
  18. I purchased 2013 DTME
    I have been running the 2013 DTM cars in R3E (not DTME).
    This morning, I went into the 2013 DTME module and decided to run some laps.
    The graphics didn't look as good as the graphics in R3E.
    Is that me? or is that really the case?
    Are the graphics in 2014 DTME any better?
  19. There is no difference in graphics.