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PS4 Ps4 controller issues

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Mansell5winner, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. when using auto gearbox, the down shift is way to slow (if at all ). So you have to down shift manually.up shift is spot on .
    You can't brake and turn at the same time the wheels are locked straight ahead .
    No custom controller set ups .
    On grand turismo and project cars I usually ranked top 15000 in task races and academy races.using controller only (i don't have. Wheel / pedal kit.)
    A little disappointed so far.
  2. What do you mean the wheels are locked straight ahead? Is that a bug or just the wheels getting locked from braking?
  3. I haven´t tried console version, but are you sure there isn´t progressive brake, even on the buttons? Possible that you´re braking too hard therefore can´t turn?
  4. Wheels are turning but you have to brake, then turn, then gas. If you brake and try and turn the steering will not turn . ( you can see this happening in cockpit view ).
  5. In other racing games.i am used to late braking while turnning into the corner .. With this game from cockpit view you can see the steering wheel staying "locked" ahead . It would seem IIke an issue or bug.