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Ps4 community. anyone excited??

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Daniel Smissen, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. This thread is no way for the i racers out there or people who spend thousands on there rigs :)

    Had my ps4 for a year almost and finally theres a game coming that I'm really buzzing for, I'm a console gamer so not a sim racer but have played forza's and gt's and been part of the xbox f1 leagues on RD.

    Really hope we can get some kind of console community for this game with racing clubs and leagues ect. with twitch on consoles now being able to live stream from a console users way is amazing for the genre and league racing and really can't wait.
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  2. Happy to hear you're excited! :)
    Hopefully this leads to you having so much fun on pCars that you start pondering what you're missing out on by not playing with "the big boys" on PC, and you'll get to your senses and come join us!
    On a more serious note, the more people playing racing sims, no matter what platform, the better! :)
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  3. I'm also very excited about racing this on the console! I've enjoyed racing from both sides of the fence - nowadays I've moved away from the pc with g25 setup to xbox with controller. i know what i'm missing but also what i'm gaining, less hassle and I can easily race in my living room without a need for wheel and pedals, pc upgrades etc.
    I thought i'd dislike it more on console, but when you find the right people online with the same mentality and similar skills it's been really great. can only speak for forza's as I havent had a ps since ps2. Though with morpheus coming I kinda wish I had stuck with that. That said, xbox will get one sooner or later.
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  4. I can't imagine racing without a wheel any longer.
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  5. I’m happy with console racing, ease of use etc. Looking forward to Project cars for the PS4, shame I can’t use my G25 on PS4 though. Worth waiting to see if things change on that front or I will have to use my PS3 for now or just use the pad for the PS4.

    Been playing Rfactor on my iMac/bootcamp for a while, bit of a pain at times but really good fun.
  6. defo looking forward to this but the lack ov steering wheel support will ruin this game on consoles and i am not a thrustmaster fan.fanatec all the way so i am thinking mayb getting a cronusmax n see if can get it to work as have heard gd results.
  7. Have you read anywhere that Fanatec wheels won't be supported in pCars on consoles?
    I haven't, and I know they are fully supported on PC at least.
  8. fanatec wheels arent supported on the xbox one at the moment. only on the 360. fanatec and microsoft recently announced they will work together to release new wheels for xbox one and even support the older wheels, but for which users will need to buy another wheel base.
  9. Yes, but this is mainly a thread about PS4, and we know little about Fanatec support on PS4 other than that they are working on it.
  10. Robert vd Heide

    Robert vd Heide
    Piloting RC Helicopters and sim Racecars


    looks like thrustmaster paid sony money to keep the competition out,and promote sales of the new plastic wheels
    good to read everywhere that gamers start to protest

    i still think its just playing with our mind until release ,and then sypport for all wheels will be there
    but in the mean time ,many will have bought the thrustmaster t300 or that 80 bucks budget wheel thats been promoted too
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  11. Thanks for the info, that's a sad list as far as consoles go but also just one more reason to stick with the master platform of PCs. :)
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  12. You don't need a wheel and pedals for the console games. Just use that fangdangly hand held vibrating controller that comes with them. That'll do won't it?

    I'll get my coat....................bye.:whistling:
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  13. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Looks like I'll need my PC Upgrade sooner than I thought. I cannot drive with a controller - I've had a wheel since about a month after I was given Forza 3 on 360 (MS FF Wheel) and that got me into sim racing on PC. I had hoped my PS4 would let me simrace, but it seems not.

    I have one driving rig setup and it has the G25. I'm not messing about setting up a plastic wheel on it for the PS4 (nor am I willing to pay the equivalent price of a G25/27 for ThrustPlastic!)

    I'll try out the PS4 games but, knowing how bad I still am on GT6 every time I try it with a controller, I don't expect to buy any of them :laugh:
  14. Cannot wait for this game, looks immence. Racing leagues would be great