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PS3 User - need buddies for clean racing

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Rich Maskell, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. I know there's a racing club, but that is for set races at set times that I normally can't make. So I'm just wondering if there are any PS3 users who want clean, casual races if and when logged on. (I have tried online lobbies but you always get 1 or 2 numpties)

    If you want a race or 2, add me: smallclone100


    Apologies if wrong forum etc.
  2. I agree! (although I'm afraid I wouldn't be fast enough to qualify for those races... :wink:)
    And support clean racing too, but what settings would you use?
    (Race distance? Sims?)

  3. Race distance varies. I normally like 20 %. But anything of 40 and below.

    I am not an expert so use traction, abs etc. equal cars , full damage.
  4. Bumpage
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Why not setup your own event then in the racing club for the time that suits you best? That's what its for.
  6. Hey Rich, I'd like to join you, Add me on PSN: J03ll-V with a zero :) Anytime anyplace when i can :p
  7. Because, I can't be tied to time (for reasons I can't be bothered to go into)

    I may organise a race for 10 days time then not actually be able to do it as I've been called away at short notice.

    So, a list of clean racers would be good. Then I can invite those who are online, when I'm online.
  8. hey, ill add you tonight too as i play times when there are not other organised rases too my psn is Superstig666. Everyone can add me too for clean racing :)
  9. Hey guys...gonna be getting a us league going soon...just putting it out there...i do a personal one with a group of friends..and i'm going ot host one here on r/d...so they will be on different days...and at different times...we'll run once a week...prolly 50% distance...equal cars...damage on...full fuel and tire sim...just puttin it out there if you're interested...wayfastwhitey26 psnid...also we keep points....anyhow add me 2 race any time im on and not in a leage event!
  10. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    You should try looking in the racing club, and you will find the PS3 Racing Club Chat Thread, where you can discuss events before posting them, and share gamertags there.

    The whole point of the racing club is that it is casual - it's not scheduled every day same time each week - thats what the leagues are for.

    Please dont bump threads dude, its a busy forum so threads seem to get lost (which isnt helped by bumps). People who are like minded will find your post without bumping it to the top. Besides, if you had posted in the right place, you wouldnt need to bump the thread. :D

    Also, on another note, I recommend all users update their profiles to show their gamertags so we dont keep getting threads like this with people posting gamertags all over the place. (well done to rich - already done it)
  11. Hi Rich

    I am in the same situation too. I would love to be able to commit to a race but due to family and job commitments things can change without notice.

    I joined the Wednesday racers group in the hope of some regular racing but things have changed so it's currently unlikely I will be able to ( I see you are also a member). They ran a time trial and posted their times into the group so I can see how much quicker they are than me, gave me something to aim for if nothing else! I met up online once with one of their members, Sandy, who was kind enough to give me some general tips and more specific help at Monza. Brilliant what can be achieved these days eh?

    Anyway, I will send you a friends request soon.

    As far James' last comment in his post, is there a database somewhere in the forum where you could see everyones gamertags, platform and skill level. You could then send out a couple of friend requests over PSN and have a better chance of meeting up with an RD member if they just happen to be online? Just a thought.

    Hope to see you online soon.

  12. Hi guys I find myself in much the same situation of present, so if you want to add me and Im online id love to have a clean race with you guys :)
  13. Hi all,

    Feel free to add me too. Username: tpavlou

    Drives me insane when I'm on-line and joined a race only to get barged out of the way on the first corner, or deliberately run off the track!
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