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PS3 F1 Friday League

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Lift-Truck, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Hi, this league will run every Friday at 6:00pm on PS3. They will be 50% races with a short qualifying session. All driving aids will be off including Manual gears, however I will allow suggested gears for those novices who don't usually use gears. All F1 rules will apply, please bear with me on this though as it is my first time hosting a league. If you can't make one week please comment, or email at bc.vg2012@ymail.com saying so. If this doesn't happen for 3 weeks in a row I will assume you have left and will put your seat up for grabs. I must permit mid season switching otherwise we'll have loads of people wanting to change teams at once.

    Here's a list of all available seats. Please comment on this thread with the seat you'd like to fill and your username. You should shortly after get a friend request from "Lift-Truck" I'll host the races every week and will most probably set up a chat room for everyone to enter. At the moment I have no Mic though. If you'd like to chat that is completely fine. However please don't distract any of the other players. Basically have fun, but keep it clean. If a race is postponed there will be a notice on this very page.

    McLaren : Lift-Truck
    -- besty777
    Red Bull : --
    Ferrari : --
    Mercedes : --
    Lotus : --
    Sauber : --
    Force India : --
    Williams : --
  2. ok.I will join in your championship if you change the day of the race.ican only at suturdays at 22:00 pm
  3. Hey, thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately I'm in the same boat and only available at that time. I do apologize for this, however if you look around I'm sure there are various leagues that offer a similar time.

    Apologies once again


    P.S. Plus if you could tell people who are able to make this time I would really appreciate it :)
  4. I'd be up for racing, McLaren / Redbull please.

    My PSN is besty777
  5. Awesome, I'll sign you up beside me. At Mclaren. We'll start the league once there is enough interest :)
  6. Doesn't seem to be much interest for this
  7. We could always do Co-Op championship for the time being?