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PS3 controller - Struggling

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Jenkins, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Hi guys,

    Unfortunately I'm not rich enough to afford a steering wheel to maximise my F1 2010 capabilities, so I'm stuck with my PS3 controller.

    I'm struggling big time! Until this week, I'd been playing with brake assist on, but having been thrashed by my brother who's never played the game before and chose not to use brake assist, I decided to try and play without brake assist, and it it sooooo difficult with a controller!

    What controller configs do people use?
    As I can't seem to brake and steer properly at the same time.

    Many Thanks,

  2. To be honest with you it takes practice, i first used a controller and like you i used break assist and started to get really bored with the game, so i bite the bullet, and started to practice on barain with out break assist and with in half an hour i was flying around the track.

    have since bought my self a wheel and can do barain in 1.51s as for contoller congfics i think it is best for your self to find out what suits you best, i used X as excelerator O break.

    Good luck with the practise you will find the game much more rewarding when you get the hang of it.
  3. Hi

    I use my ps3 controller, no brake assist, my config is right stick up to accelerate, right stick down to brake. couldn't get to grips with the ps3 trigger buttons to accelerate and brake!
  4. X and Square to accel and brake, l2 and r2 for gears, left analog for steer. But my controller is a ps2 controller hooked up to pc.
  5. x accelerate
    square brake
    d-pad steering
  6. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I've tried all of the above and just can't grasp it in the corners.
    Any tips anyone?
  7. I'm in the same boat (or Car). I just need to practice that's it. Right now I leave brake assist on. When I have time I turn brake assist off & give it a go knowing it's a learning process.
  8. You Do Need to Practice. I found no enjoyment with assists in the game. I found early on that I could brake for myself. The difference is the speed at which you pull the brake trigger is very minimal but that difference determines whether you lock up and skid or take the corner correctly. This is simply practice. Don't worry about wrecking the car. Once you have learned to modulate the brake trigger on your controller, you can then tweak brake bias,ballast and brake pressure. You just gotta do this if you want to move-on in the game. I assume that you drive already? If you do, then you already do the same with the gas and brake of your car. Racing School told me that you can't brake and turn at the same time. You can "trail brake" but that's not the same. Also, "first one in is first one out". If you are still trying to control your car once you arrive at the turn, you will be the last one to finish the turn. Turning off Brake Assist should get you 3 seconds per lap or more, easy. Good Luck.
  9. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    This is what I'm struggling with. I'm simply not slowing down enough before I reach the turn, causing serious understeer.

    I'll keep at it, but it's slowing driving me crazy.
    Going to try the Call of Duty Black Ops controller today, as it has two little buttons on the back that you can assign to the job of other buttons.
  10. I use the controller, preset 1 and all assists off.. i think its just getting used to the controller. Try to drive around as slow as possible and slowly start to go faster and faster.. The slow driving helps with controlling the controller imho.
  11. its just a matter of picking your braking point really. it would be easy if you turn on driving line, and try to look at where the red mark starts. from there you know when to brake, but to go further, remember where it actually is. is it at the 150m mark. or 100m mark. or is it in between. if you get to remember that you can actually turn off driving line and brake at the right spot every lap.

    try it. just try several lap to remember the breaking point. don't go rushing out getting good time. just slowly build your speed.

    on the other hand, i use a software called PPJOY, so i can use my mouse to look as if a joystick. i can turn really smooth and consistent. it's going to be weird for the first time, but you'll get use to it. i learn this from simbins gtr2 and LFS.
  12. Happened to google this topic.

    I came up with a genius soolution to my own preferences.

    I wanted to race competively without assists, which I can, and have done. However in my current league, everyone uses assists, so I have to too.

    Without TC, Gradual acceleration is a must, so it is common sense to make R2 my accelerator. However, I use manual gears, and I can't use my left hand for braking because a) my left hand is useless, and has no where near the feeling of my right, and b) I'm not good at varying my brake pressure, or gradual releasing and reapplying the brakes. When I brake, I want the car to slow down shrapish and preferably not to return to the brakes later in the corner.

    So I kept Square as my brake. I change my gears down with L2, and Gear up with O. Bizarre set up, and it took a while to perfect, but it works. Well. I use X as the car display button. Triangle as Pit Limiter, and select as Pit In. D-Pad remains for Engine, Wing and Tyre adjustments. Try it, it may help you, and it's fun to learn.

    On this note, I am of the belief that wheels are faster, but I, like many, don't have the cash/aren't sad enough to spend £200 on a steering wheel. I wondered if anyone would be interested in competing in a PS3 controller only Online racing league?

    Let me know what you think.