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Released PS "Ulignano" - Ronde Liburna Terra 2012 -ex mondiale!!!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Marco, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Ciao a tutti, sono a chiedere il vostro aiuto per sapere se c'è qualcuno in grado di poter rifare questa bella prova degli anni d'oro del Sanremo in toscana

    Sotto cerco di fornirvi più materiale possibile:

    - camera car

    - sito rally con cartina interattiva e punti di inizio e fine prova

    Start PS @43.451128,10.890756 - Fine PS @43.427811,10.928435

    - descrizione prova prova dal min 6

    Spero in qualche buon anima!!! [​IMG][​IMG]

  2. Interesting, but sad that not too much understand italian
  3. my request isto findsomeone who cancreate thespecial.... This is an ex special of the Sanremo rally in tuscany and i would like to revive in rbr if possible..... sorryfor my english
  4. Most likely, you will have to do it yourself. That is what BTB is for.
  5. I can try to do it for you, but at the moment i have 3 wip i'm working on (santa cesarea special stage, a fictional track and the abandoned but unforgotten Casale Monferrato's circuit). Consider that if you want a basic but correct layout with some object placed for just drive I think that you can have it in 1 month, if you want a proper work it could request a lot of time. Let me know, I'm waiting. I'm italian so if you want to contact me I cand send my email addres in private... Cheer. Andrea
  6. Ciao Andrea, se hai tempo per provare fare questo tracciato ne sarei molto contento. Furia non ce n'è, per qualsiasi aiuto che sia in grado di fornirti mi puoi contattare.

  7. Ok, i've created the kml of the 16 km Ulignano special stage that was runned in the 1996 wrc Sanremo Rally, I think that the next week I can start working on the road layout. When I'll be ready to post something I will open a new thread in the Wip section...
  8. Good job..... thanks Marco