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Prove that i am not lying about the FSR 2012 WT Season Highlights

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Recent Critism's have me startled about that i have lied to people about the season highlights for the WT well here is prove that i am working on it 1 picture on round 1 wt


    Ron Squire FSR WT RD1 P2.jpg
  2. game boy advance graphics
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  3. It seems there is a bug with the graphics because the FSR track banners seem a bit messed up which wasn´t the case on this track, you should check again if that is a track error or if it happens while recording the footage and if it´s a track error delete the 01_Australia Folder in the FSR2012 Track Folder and redownload it with the simsync.
  4. It is WIP.
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  5. there is no track error it sometimes happen on some tracks
  6. the reason it is at that graphics is because of my peformance i need it at as the highest graphics tends to stopf or a bit every 1 second

  7. this is my suzuka race :D onboard overtakes..:D
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