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Proposing another concept contest

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. hello peoples i am proposing we do a large vehicle contest for instance a freight hauling vehicle it has to say be able to pull a certain weight up a hill be economical for a truck at least or lorry for you Europeans maybe a limit of a 10 cylinder engine no larger than 20 liters displacement handle decently again for a truck or lorry and be suited for all road types can either be petrol or diesel powered but can not be a huge powerful thing has to be realistic and has to be suited for long trips so no little trucks or alternatly you can do a heavy duty pickup truck along the same lines we just need to get more attention of the model makers on making pickup trucks post any suggestions on revising rules lets give everyone say 2 to 4 months to do it
  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    You might want to wait until the current "reasonably priced car" contest is finished..
  3. agreed wait until after this reasonably priced car competition is done, then do another one.
  4. indeed! after 15th may we talk about it
  5. I`ll be in...
  6. Great to hear it wen need a Have duty repus hauler or work truck
  7. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Before I forget, perhaps you and 2o6 should work together as 2o6 is very good at producing detailed rules about these competitions.
  8. thanks ill send him a message later on
  9. 2o6


    Just a few problems:

    1. Racer can only have a maximum of 8 speeds. Pretty much all tractor-trailers have more than this.

    2. It would be nice to do a Pickup or some other heavy vehicle, but let's finish the current comp first.

    3. How does racer do with simulating heavy vehicles? For awhile, there was some serious issues.

    4. Racer doesn't have support for 5th wheels or trailers.
  10. 1. This is true, very few rigs these days have at the very least, 10 speeds.

    2. Yes, lets finish the current competition before discussing the next one.

    3. Weight would be the main enemy on a heavy vehicle, I remember when I was making the Peterbilt 379, unless my racer.ini was tweaked, it couldn't even handle the weight properly, not that it easily could handle the power output of the thing. hence why that project was scrapped.

    4. Trailer support would be nice, but its not necessary. (just imagine that driving my Omni and towing a 30 foot trailer lol.... well more like dragging it.)
  11. ahhhhh good point XD ok then Xd how-bout a pickup truck competition that might work better i mean the heaviest those can get now adays racer ought be able to handle
  12. I'm thinking in terms of a "big, huge and unnecesary SUV-truck" - competition of sorts, before SUV's in general are proscribed as stupid by the public.
    But first let's finish the current comp.
  13. yeah ford expedition or Chev suburban sized or bigger
  14. I'm thinking we should not worry about any of this until after May 15th :cool:
  15. of sure
  16. Yep i hope to see an f150 sporttrac style bpm off roader that would be awesome maybe even a big turbo diesel as one of the engine options
  17. Do all the contests have to be concept cars?

    I'd like to see a contest where actual cars are produced.
  18. Never mind it;... i must confess it is a nice idea!
  19. actual as in conversion? or scratch making of a car model Real car model might i add
  20. I figured he meant scratch-made real production cars.
    Conversions do not really have a place in car modelling contests because you used someone else's model. :p