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Project CARS Xbox One Controller settings

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by ObiQuimKenobi, May 8, 2015.

  1. I sympathise. I've been reading all the complaints (by wheel users) about how unrealistic and easy to control the cars are. This is clearly not the case with the XBOne controller. I've only spent a couple of hours in the game on Karts1, with a very short time seeing what a Formula A handled like at Catalynia. I find it hard enough to keep the car on the circuit, never mind a fast lap time, though I think I am begining to make progress.

    I've followed the wheel users tips. But for the pad I found turning sensitivity down to zero for just about everything has helped. In the car setup, I've slowed the steering ratio. The car is more stable, but understeer becomes the problem instead. So here I am starting to experiment with front wheel toe. I've started with -0.5 front toe; it's giving a bit more responsiveness. Maybe it will improve if I hike it a bit more. I have no idea if this is the way to go, but I think someone has to start trying to set things up for the pad and post about it.

    Oh, and the first thing I had to do personally was remap the gear changes from the shoulder buttons to A and X.

    Edit 20 mins later. Also I wonder whether there is a need to update the pad? Have you tried that?

    Also found this: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?21992-Setting-up-a-gamepad
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  2. i had the same problem when 1st playing PC - cars were sliding all over the place coz the controller was hyper sensitive, but after much digging around different forums and much experimentation and lots of practice i have come up with this (see below), it seems to be working fine for me and so far the best 2 cars i have driven which actually handle well are Formula A and the BMW Z4

    this setup might not work for everybody but it suits me:-

    Steering Deadzone=29
    Steering Sensitivity=0
    Throttle Deadzone=29
    Throttle Sensitivity=0
    Break Deadzone=14
    Brake Sensitivity=0
    Clutch Deadzone=0
    Clutch Sensitivity=45
    Speed Sensitivity=70
    Controller Filtering Sensitivity=50
    Controller Input Mode=3
    Soft Steering Dampening=ON
    Visual Wheel Filtering=ON
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  3. I found the cars mega-twitchy - transitions would often end in spins - I couldn't really be bothered with the endless "enter race, try, exit, tune, enter, try" stuff (did hours of that in Shift2 - not doing it again) so I stuck to the most basic concepts and I found a good result simply increasing 'Controller Filtering' to about 33ish

    I'm guessing this is similar to the 'Gamma' used in AC - it determines how fast the wheel travels when you make bigger inputs (such as crossing the centre deadzone) - with it increased, I have MUCH more control - the game is MUCH more playable - it's actually an amazing change.

    Change other settings if you like, but i think you'll find Controller Filtering is the solution to the 'why am I driving on ice' thing
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  4. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    I'm on the XBO and having to use the controller until i get a wheel in a few weeks time and the biggest bugbear for me is how you have to keep exiting a session to go back to the controller settings to tweak them. It's so long winded rather then having them available in the actual session settings. I found this really frustrating with Shift 2 and thought they might have learnt the lesson for pCars.
  5. thanks for all your help guys
  6. I can't think of a racing sim/game which allows editting controls in-game - they SHOULD but I can't think of one which does.

    AC has some in-game debug/display mods but they mostly just crash the game in my experience.

    It's less than ideal to be sure tho
  7. I ended up using "controller input mode 1" Advanced = Off. Not changing anything else in the controller setup. The only other thing I have had to do is change steering speed to slower in tuner settings. Whilst not perfect (the patch they promise is definitely needed) it makes the game playable for me.
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  8. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    F1 and Grid. Not sims of course but it seems like an obvious thing they should all do to me.
  9. I'm having a lot of trouble with the controller, so much so that i just rage-bought myself a Thrustmaster TX458....other half is annoyed.

    The car just seems to have a massive "tank slapper" moment whenever i accelerate.


    Also, is it me - or if i have any other front view apart from the "inside helmet" one the car seems a lot more unstable? (Using Formula cars)
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  10. Handling does seem affected by choice of view. I find bonnet (hood) view the most stable; the view from a slight height above the cockpit is very unstable. Cockpit view seems ok on Formula Rookie. Great choice of views though.
  11. F1 (Codemasters) permits this. The F1 games also have a good UI for entering into setups, which you can do whenever you are in the garage. The garage is much more immersive in the F1 games; here you can change tyres, set the pit strategy and tweak the tuning setup (until Parc Ferme rules kick in).

    In PCars, it is frustrating, for example in time trial mode, having to exit some modes in order to access tuning. Also, big oversight, time trial does not have weather options.
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  12. Yeah i agree that view choice is great... just a bit odd that the view choice changes how the car handles...unless it really is just me.
  13. It could be a hand/eye co-ordination thing I suppose, but I think view affects handling. Perhaps it's a frame rate thing?
  14. I got the XBOX 360 Controller to where it drove pretty good, then they put a patch out and I was right back to crazy oversteer at slow speeds coming out of curves. I gave up and bought a wheel. It is maddening to me that gamepad controls are so off base in a game where the majority of players (PS4, XBOX ONE) use a controller. I had zero problems setting up a controller and playing in any other sim. This has been the lone exception.
  15. K I read the reviews and thought people were full of it.... Well it's true. I pretty much gave up with the carts until they get a patch..but in the mean time I found a quick solution turn all the controller settings to zero. Go to remap and switch joy stick to d-pad
  16. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    I agree, as much as i love the game itself i think some of the structure is not well thought out. Constantly needing to exit race or practice sessions to go back to the settings menus for controller configuration or game settings is really frustrating and time consuming.

    And no filtering of the leaderboards in time trial so you can easily find friends is crazy :O_o:

    Hadn't even realised weather was not an option in that mode either.

  17. Shame you're not on XB1 mate, i'd race with you.

    I do have the official Microsoft wheel that is just sat collecting dust if you wanted to buy that off me for a decent price?
  18. I appreciate the offer and had I seen this before I bought a wheel I'd have taken you up on it. I actually bought a Logitech Driving Force Pro off eBay for a good price. I hate to say it folks but the only thing I've seen to fix the controller issue is to buy a wheel. I setup up the wheel and I've run practice and races with open wheels, LMP's, and several other cars and not had the jerkiness or the oversteer or anything. It's a shame really.
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  19. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    The game definitely needs to be played with a wheel. I've never been a pad player but am messing about in the game with one for a few weeks until i get a wheel. It is very difficult but i have to say that i am doing better then i expected so i would think the experienced paddlers should be able to find something that works for them.