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Project CARS wish list

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Sk3ptik0n, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Sk3ptik0n


    One of CARS more unique characteristics is the ability for the end user to affect development of the Game from the very start. of course, that doesn't mean that any idiot, even an idiot with over a $1K to burn, can impose their insanity on the rest of the players, but it does mean that for maybe the first time, regular users can affect the direction and the features of a major videogame.

    What would your wish list look like? What features would you like to see that currently are not available in the major simulators?

    I will start with some of mine:


    Everyone wants to see better AI. However, it's really hard to make AI behave like real humans. What I would like to see, I don;t think it would be impossible and probably would even be possible with the current crop of games. You tell me:

    1) AI that doesn't run you off the road at the first chance they have. In other words, AI that drive their cars as if they were paying for them (or at least they had to talk to the pit crew and the mechanics after the race.

    2) AI that behaves differently in practice, Qualification and the race. For that matter that behaves differently at the beginning, middle and end of a race.

    For instance, I would like to see an AI that during qualification does not race me. Rather, it would be nice if it gave me some room to get my lap in, like a real human would. I don't think this set of instructions would be too hard to follow.
    During the race, at the start the AI should drive conservatively and only get really aggressive at the very end.

    3) Above all I'd like to see an AI that reacts to my track position and if it's behind me doesn't try to run me off the road. In fact, an AI that above all tries to avoid contact would be great.
    This is not something preposterous, I believe. When I did f;lash programming, I coded a few games where a ball had to avoid objects. I understand, this is a whole fdifferent ballgame, but I see AI avoiding cars on track all the time. Changing their line to drive around anotehr AI and not run over them. It's possible.


    1) I would really like a multiplayer where one can limit choices, similar to the way Race 07 does but with a bit more choices
    2) It would be nice if the servers could have a "notes" field where the admin can write up brief instructions for the players.
    3) I would like the Mod and Track field to be a bit smarter. With the name of the track andmod and room for insertng a download link for each. Ideally, I'd like it to change color if the tack or mod are not present on my game as well so that at a glance I can see what games I can join or not
    (Obviously, this is mostly targeted to the way rFactor does things)

    Installations and updates.
    A smart installer would be very nice and apparently CARS is going to have one. I'd love it if it also had an API for modders so that they could update their mods the same way as well. While I am at it, it should also make a backup of the files that have been overwritten and have a way to revert to the previous built.


    Anyone that looked at the "Leaderboard" of F1 2010, F1 2011 or Dirt 1,2,3 knows that we have cheaters all over the place. I raced against the "World record" in Dirt 3 the other day and the SOB looked like he was driving a slot car. After T1 he was gone.
    In F1 2011 there was a world record about a full minute faster than the actual RL lap time on one of the tracks the day after the game launched.
    We need an anti cheat for the game but also some way to be able to run any driver lap on a clean machine after the fact. So that if one cannot catch the cheaters during the race they can at least be caught afterwards.

    That's it for now. I am sure I'll have more. See what you can do.
  2. Mikel Tapl

    Mikel Tapl

    AI is not very important, we want to race live against other humans, so the better the netcode the game will have the better racing we'll get.. other then that I want it to be a simulator with a great physics, and pretty decent damage model (it's very bad so far from what I have seen).
  3. AProst


    AI is very important. Most people play racing games offline in career mode. Of course it's not the case among RaceDepartment readers but to succeed C.A.R.S must appeal to all folks.
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  4. mtK


    Will be C.A.R.S. able to modding ???
  5. Roadster-2


    Wish List -

    1 everyone who pays money should be entitled to create a posting on the WMD C.A.R.S. forum

    2 the WMD C.A.R.S. forum should perhaps include a forum for Installation Problems !

    3 that you didn't have to exit and restart the software when making changes to the video setup

    4 that I could actually run the software

    I have a high spec PC with twin ATI 5750 cards so certainly no slouch. I know that the C.A.R.S. software doesn't currently implement Crossfire but it is so painfully jittery that it's impossible to use it. It's so appallingly bad that the engine sounds like a keyboard player practicing scales and looking at the screen is like watching a film with four out of every five frames chopped out.

    I have tried a couple of fixes like renaming the .exe program etc, but nothing makes a difference. I have no problems running any other software including F1 2011. I just never ever expected it to be so bad.
  6. Kakha Jomardidze

    Kakha Jomardidze

    Clickable Cockpit (as, nKPro, FSX/DCS)
    with this thing... i think they will be competitive with another sims. unconditional with heart work much more, more.. at physic.
    in short, they has chance, be great simulator.
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  7. Sk3ptik0n


    Another set of things I very much would like to see in pCARS is more granular control of the multiplayer racing server (which of course is not yet implemented). For instance, I would like to see the admins being able to easily shuffle the starting grid, moving players around as they see fit.
    Also the ability to implement penalties, by adding weight whatever other system may be appropriate.

    It would be nice to also have the available online servers to have a text description with hyperlinks to either forum posts and downloads (skins, mods, etc.) so that someone unfamiliar with a particular server can get info from it, download what's necessary and race with them, with a minimum of fuss.

    It would also be nice to have access to the same granularity in offline practice. For instance, presently if I am given a 30kg penalty in the league I am racing in, I cannot practice with it so I Have to learn in race how the car behaves. It would be nice to be able to apply those penalties in practice as well.
  8. Travis


    I'm not going to rehash the excellent points above, here are my two cents worth:

    Great physics: While it's great to state "we have the former Stig onboard", SMS need to genuniely utilise Ben Collins feedback.

    Realisitc sounds: none of the overdone gearbox whine from the NFS games please.

    Throughly tested game: I want to see an SMS made game that isn't riddled with bugs. Shift was horrid on release across all platforms and Unleashed wasn't brilliant either.
  9. Neil Griffiths

    Neil Griffiths

    Type's of Racing
    1) Le Mans/GT Endurance Racing
    2) V8 Supercar
    3) Classic Racing

    1) Proper ingame support for endurance racing, like the ability to do a driver change with another play/AI and support for 24+ hour races.
    2) Greater community features integrated into the game. Persistant chat room lobby, news feed, etc.
    3) Ability to swap setups with other players like you can in LFS, including during a race.
    4) Skinning support, proper support not the limited difficult system that forza uses (I love the foza system and it works really well but on the PC, lets just use Photoshop/GIMP)
  10. Søren Holm Pedersen

    Søren Holm Pedersen

    Without knowing already if this is on a to-do list, and inspired by the above post mentioning LFS: An autocross/car park similar to that of the ones found in LFS, or something the resembles it. The ability to make your own track from the bottom up is certainly a priority, but at the very least a pad where you can put cones or chalk up and such to indicate a track is a very definate need. Especially if you want to test the car out in such environments. I mean hey, it's not all of us who only enjoy driving on world famous tracks ;)
  11. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    You might. I'd prefer to have both options open. There aren't any club races in the Race 07 section for the Radicals right now, but they're still some of my favorite cars in the game. The AI gives me an environment to enjoy them, even when everyone else is done with them.
  12. Eric. K

    Eric. K

    A Linux based game server!!!
  13. Jorge Alves

    Jorge Alves

    Are there any front-wheel cars ATM in the game? If yes can you tell wich ones? Could not find the cars list anywhere.
  14. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    There's nothing FWD at the moment.