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Featured Project CARS at Brands Hatch (Video)

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Howard, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Motorsport Engineer Premium

    Slightly Mad Studios has released a short video showcasing the Brands Hatch track in their upcoming title, Project CARS.

    The studio visited the Brands Hatch circuit in Kent, England. The developers and industry advisors chat about the title, gameplay, research and features of the game.

    What do you think about Project CARS?

    Project Cars launches on November 21st on PS4, Xbox ONE and PC. A WiiU version is planned for 2015.

    For more on Project Cars make sure to check out the forum or share your latest photos and videos in our dedicated gallery.
  2. It's arcade at best. It's like Mario Kart, but worse. It will never be a sim. Its rubbish. It smells bad. It's too hard. It's too easy. No fun at all. SMS are evil. WMD members are evil. And... uhm... that should about cover it.

    With that pre-emptive troll strike out of the way: It rocks! We're spoilt for choice - so many good sims, and Project CARS adds racing atmosphere and engaging gameplay as well (for those not so pretentious that they deny that their hallowed sims are indeed videogames) :)
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  3. It is without doubt a beautiful looking sim almost photo realistic,but it is still very buggy, the AI on some tracks or in some classes completely unraceable,some cars are almost impossible to drive ,and others so forgiving you could almost drive through any corner without fear of loosing grip.The audio is unconvincing, some cars sounding very much alike in a very synthetic manner. Its a shame that after such a long time in development its still so choppy.
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  4. it will be interesting to see the final product after having from time to time played so many different iterations, none of which in the least convinced me that this is what i personally want from a racing game but all of which have been and interesting to watch as stuff fell into place. I loved the idea of being able to get on board early and kind of be with them for the long ride. The market they aim for seems to me to be FORZA and Gran Tourismo, so my teenage son will be happy and might end up playing it on my pc with his gamepad, i will probably do some of the career mode steps and then go back to my age old mainstays which still keep me busy and satisfied all year round.
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  5. @nicksamamyjake

    You do realize that Pcars is still in development, right? The AI are getting updated and there is currently only one car using it to test with. There are huge amounts of features and assets being updated daily. There will be lots of bug-squashing going on between now and release.
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  6. William Wester

    William Wester

    I can't figure out why so many so called sim racers don't give pCARS a chance to prove itself - it's focus and intended audience is for sim racers. pCARS has MANY more sim racing features and doesn't have the car collecting focus of GT or FM and I like the FM series for occasional fun but not my primary fix for racing. I can find things I don't like with all of the past and current sims but I want every one of them to succeed. I also don't plan on having a single go-to sim, each of the various releases will bring a different experience. There will never be a perfect racing sim for me as I enjoy a wider range of racing entertainment.
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  7. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    No such thing as a simulator and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.
    You drive a real car the same way people control there wheel in iracing for example they will crash on the first corner or as soon as they spin the wheel left and right fast to control a spin lol.....
    A game wheel will never replace Gforce and the seat of your pant control.
    Sims and people who think there driving as good as the real racers are dreaming and will be amazed just how different it is.
    So pls no more sim talk because your kidding yourself.

    Anyway did a quick vid of this game.

  8. ONT


    Nice video, but that is a lot of camera change A LOT, I'm dizzy :roflmao:
  9. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Just checking it out sorry about that.
    just recorded on 1 take so no cherry picking.
    best way I think.
  10. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Thousands will buy it just for graphics ,and live their little moment :D
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  11. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    When I jump in out if rF2 and into a Kart there is not much diffrence for me other than it will hurt when I crash and I have only brakes at the rear. First half an hour I ever drove in a car I was already quicker than more experienced drivers.
    It is not the same but in terms of car control, steering wheel feedback, lines to take not a big diffrence to me.
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  12. pCars is too much beautiful to not be played. Liked cockpit view besides the absurdly stayed view. and the look at real cam overlay has too slow head movement (probably could be change/edited).

    edit:maybe is that high fovs used on that video, i get little "dizzy" too

    edit2: you have to say **** the physics sometimes
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2014
  13. Yes very pretty.
    If its being released in November, surely it will be going beta very very soon with all features intact? I just had a go at last build and it feels far from even close to beta.

    Time will tell.

    One other thing regards the Andy Tudor video at Brands. You say the team have a long 10 year history making racing sim games and you quoted Need for Speed and the Test drive series as your examples. My god they are are not something to be proud of or boast about regarding sim racing. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    Please please don't release the game until it is ready for us PC sim racers. Give the console boys what they want, but give us a race sim of real worth.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2014
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  14. William Wester

    William Wester

    Nice video.

    As for the term sim or simulator no one is kidding themselves. It's just a term used to describe a "type" of racing game that incorporates many elements of virtual racing that many have come to enjoy going back a number for years up to today - nothing more.
    In my opinion, racing "sim" gaming is not as subjective as many think. Yes the feel may vary widely between "sims/games" but it's the sum of the pieces/features that can classify a racing game as a sim.
    Pit stops, flag system, visual/mechanical damage, pace car, penalties, detailed tuning options, licensed IRL cars/tracks, weather effects, etc. etc.. If a "game" has those features we talk of that game being a sim. - no harm, no fowl.
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  15. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    In that regard,yes,you can call it a SIM but the point of a SIM in virtual racing is the feel..the physics..above all other things.
    The game looks incredible,great light and reflections,texture and details,a game which i will have fun playing without a drop of sweat.
    GTR2 Race07 rFactor LFS..this SIMs made you sweat...NFS Test Drive F1 GRID..this games were fun to play...
    I`ll get pCars in the future,maybe next year...
  16. It looks incredible! It looks like a forza or GT type of physics, which i am ok with.
  17. No.

    A sim (flight & vehicle) focuses on the simulation of the physical aspects of the system. Pits, flag systems, penalties, visual eye-candy, etc, are extras, items added for the sake of increasing "immersion" (and sales). You can have a sim without these elements as long as the physics (tires, aeros, chassis, suspensions, damage) are correctly modelled.

    Simulated races, on the other hand, incorporates all those aspects that we consider important to augment immersion from the point-of-view of simulated races: pit stops, driver changes, penalties, flags, etc.

    When the two meet (true simulation - regardless of being flawless or imperfect - AND simulated races) we got ourselves true simracing - iRacing, GSC, rFactor, LFS, NKP, GTR2 and Race07 are good examples of that - even if the underlying physics simulation is not 100% spot on.

    All that glitters...

    Hmm, after reading through dozens of posts by people who have stumbled on ridiculous problems with Forza's and GT's physics...I'd say most of us would be rather disappointed if pCARS turns out to be at that level (would also mean all the talk from SMS and especially physics devs was nothing but that: talk, and rather small at that).

    Hopefully, CARS will be orders of magnitude better than those (GTR2, though "old", still is).


    Btw, spotting "forza or GT type of physics" from a video is incredible...
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  18. What i mean is that i don't expect the physics to be as sim as it can get, and i'm ok with that. pCARS will be released for consoles too, sticking with a full sim physics would be hard for consoles players to digest. A mid-term would be nice.

    I didn't spotted the GT or Forza physics just by the video, i don't have pcars but i talked to some friends that bought it and they say it's not as a sim, but it's not as a gt or forza either.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2014
  19. I know what you meant, Andre.

    But having a full blown physics engine underneath is not and never will be a problem for "console players". Driver assists are there for a reason - if a "player" cannot drive a realistic car without spinning and crashing, then he/she should turn on driver assists.

    It is a bit of a mystery to me why so many believe "realistic physics" rob all the fun from sims and because of that devs must dumb down those sims. The two (fun and realism) are not mutually exclusive and much less lead to a need to dumb down a sim. That's why devs put in place driver assists.

    Now, do consoles allow for realistic physics or physics as good as we can have on PC's? Judging from Greenawall's and Yamauchi's responses in not too distant interviews, they (consoles) are getting there. But just not there yet...

    The point of a sim is nothing as subjective as "feel". The point of a sim is the authenticity of the simulation.

    The way it feels to you, or me, or a million other simracers, is obviously different (just as your real world car would feel differently to me or any other person). No dev will ever accommodate that, it would be impossible.

    The best we can and probably should hope for is to have a sim that, though not perfect, models the physics aspects of cars and races as close to real life as possible.
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  20. William Wester

    William Wester

    Of course "physics" are of a primary importance, I didn't think I needed to mention that. Whether or not SMS hits the sim racing target cannot be determined yet, but it is clear what their focus is - and it's not a GT or FM type of game. They plan to have just as many sim racing features and physical aspects as the games you mention, and I have most of those in my library. Just because I feel GSCE is one of the best, and my primary fix at this point in time, does not reduce my interest in pCARS and my hope SMS succeeds. I find pCARS lacking in a number of areas but it's improving with every build. I am going to give them a chance before I write them off.
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