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Featured Project CARS Announced as New Oculus Rift Launch Title

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Paul Jeffrey, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    oculus Project CARS.png
    Continuing a recent string of announcements around cross-platform racing game Project CARS, the team over at Slightly Mad Studios have revealed the title is to become an Oculus Rift key launch day title when Oculus Rift launches at the end of March.

    Project CARS will be available in the Oculus store from March 28th and comes complete with all 'On Demand' DLC content alongside further, as yet unannounced VR related improvements aiming at improving the user experience with the Oculus Rift headset.

    Furthermore SMS have revealed that Oculus Store purchases of the game will be upgraded to the new Game of The Year Edition upon launch of that title, adding several content items to the already packed list of cars and tracks in game.

    Project CARS Oculus Rift Trailer

    Slighly Mad Studios Creative Director for PCARS, Andy Tudor, had the following to say about Project CARS and the move to VR technology:

    “Project CARS has always been regarded as one of the most beautiful racing games out there already but we’re always looking for new gameplay experiences too. Once you’ve peered closer at the fine detail we put into the cockpit of a supercar like the Pagani Huayra BC, hastily glanced left at a IndyCar trying to overtake, looked towards the apex whilst trying to nail a perfect lap, or even looked out of the back window whilst trying to reverse you’ll never be able to go back. Without a shadow of a doubt, virtual reality makes you a better racer and we fully expect many of our fans and Esports pros that already own sim racing setups will eagerly be adopting the Rift as the way to take their game to the next level.”

    The "standard" version of the game does work with VR technology and no further details around what VR specific improvements will be included in the Oculus version of the title as of yet. However, if you're a fan of the game, be sure to keep an eye out right here at RaceDepartment for all the latest news.

    Are you an Oculus Rift user? How do you think PCARS will fair using VR tech? Will the new announcement encourage you to purchase either Rift or the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

    Project CARS Oculus Launch 1.png Project CARS Oculus Launch 2.png Project CARS Oculus Launch 3.png Project CARS Oculus Launch 4.png
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  2. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    Nice :)
  3. Do I see shadows?
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  4. Tim.E


    Omg such realism!
  5. I'll be playing as long as I don't have to buy the game again through the Oculus Store. Hoping this'll just be a free update, or we'll be given a choice to migrate from Steam to Oculus for the VR version.

    Watched a Rift launch title round up from the YouTube team Tested... they reported whole front end UI has been redone for VR, no in game HUD just the car. Far-field details have been reduced, concentrating more on near-field...

    ... Project Cars, go to 14:35.
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  6. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Very impressive, I was looking at treating myself to a nice GSYNC monitor but I'm having second thoughts now! ;)
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  7. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    This will definitely be a stand-out game for the Rift!
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  8. See you in October PCars :thumbsdown:
  9. Wicked

    Horsepower! My kingdom for some horsepower! Premium

    The Oculus Store is just another front like Steam, it's not like other copies of the titles wont recieve the same patches to support VR.

    Oculus store is just a place where you can find all supported games and conviently buy them, and it has some timed exclusives. But all existing titles that get support will get support across all versions. The Oculus store version isn't special in any way.
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  10. Welcome to the future!
  11. Last I tried, Pcars ran very nice using the DK2 and there have been significant improvements since SDK1.3 integration so I expect it will run really nice on proper VR-spec PC's.
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  12. The video looks like mouse movement to be honest :p. Though in fairness, the VR capture isn't as good looking.
  13. dislike the preview video they made, they made it look so unrealistic.
  14. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Impressive but why does it make you look like your 8ft tall ?
  15. And the future is motion sickness and headaches. I'll pass. Even TrackIr make me a bit sick after a while.
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  16. sounds like piss,,,,,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  17. Here's hoping :)

    I'll see how well Steam works with VR first, but may migrate Rift enabled games across to Oculus Home if needs be.

    Been using EdTracker for 6 months and upgraded to TrackHat last week. I now hate playing race sims without head tracking, so am looking forward to trying out VR.
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  18. FlyGasm


    As much as I want to experience VR, that's a good chunk of change just to get started. Right now the Vive is looking a lot better than the Rift to me, but time will tell. $800 for the Vive and I'll have to upgrade my vid card also, so that's a little more than I'm willing to invest right now. Hopefully by the time I save up enough for VR the playing field will be more competitive and with more choices, so that will bring prices down also. Plus there will be more games and more feedback on the actual devices. I agree, the future looks cool.

    The video is not a very good example. It looks like my TrackIR with the FOV in the back seat. :p
  19. BioForce


    I must agree - this video doesn´t show natural human head movement I´m afraid.
  20. @Gui Cramer @Blimey @BioForce
    check this video:

    makes sense not to use actual head movement. the video is kind of misleading as it fails to mention that it's not, and i dont think the FOV you get in VR is even similar to the video, but it obviously shows the main benefit of being able to look around properly in 3d.

    excited to try it out myself
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