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Project CARS Alpha Build released

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Ivo Simons, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Alpha build is out.
    People can buy them in now also. :)

    Little vid (not mine)

    edit: video was removed by the uploader
  2. I'm about to do my first laps in the next 10 mins:good:.
  3. Ok... I admit that it looks very nice :)

    But, there's A LOT of grip for a car like that... And the guy who's playing totally has an arcade way of doing it... Low degree of rotation, immense steering lock...
  4. So if i make an account i'll be able to play the thing?? free of charge?

    Yeah, the car has much grip and the wheels steer locking is just awfull... looks like a FWD car!
  5. thats why it pays to be part of the development team. Then you can express these opinions and help to craft something great. Remember, this is just a very very early beta with over a year of development time left :)
  6. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Is it possible to disable the cockpit steeringwheel and adjust the FOV?
  7. It looks fantastic, much better than RF2, now let's see about FFB and physics.


  8. Well handling wise it looks as if the car has too much grip(i was a long time grand prix legends player and those monsters were very touchy)

    But....graphic wise....my god...it looks stunning.The sense of speed is incredible and being able to enable or disable the hands/driver animations is a great thing for those that play with cockpits.
  9. Sense of speed is just a wrongly adjusted FOV really... (Unless of course the guy has a triple-screen setup...)
  10. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium Member

    For me,the forward/backward movement under acceleration/deceleration was horrible
  11. It looks very good but i'll hold of getting this build, since it is alpha only i will save myself the stress and wait for a better improved build in the future, this game has potential.
  12. I'm afraid this game will kill Simbin and ISI.
    But hey, a slow development and innovation cycle just means death. Look at Live For Speed.. Simbin and ISI seem to do the same..
  13. Depends offcourse if the game gets more realistic, at this moment i find it a mix between Shift and Forza.
    So not really my cup of tea. But we see how it goes and i will give my feedback. Still a year away to a proper build as this is still alpha.
    About innovation. ISI and there new tire physics is quite innovating imo. With the flatspotting etc. If that works all oke.
    It will change they way we need to drive and i think for alot of people it will be whole new level of simracing. :)
  14. Yes and yes. You can even adjust the FOV while on the track. In fact, you can have separate FOV's for all the different cameras; i.e 40 FOV for cockpit cam, 70 FOV for bonnet cam, 100 for rear view cam, etc.... It's totally customizable.
  15. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    I think there is still room for all the players in the Market as long as they realise people expect and deserve a better quality product from the start, a game should not need patches to address fundamental issues 5 seconds after release. This sadly became common place since the Internet provided a mass transit to the customer and has made developers and publishers too lazy, publishers especially being to blame for forcing the hand of the devs to deliver when it's not really ready !!
  16. Agrees :)

    Forza 4 is a huge improvement and definitively the benchmark for console sim racing :p
  17. Norman Biscuits

    Norman Biscuits
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    laser scanned cadwell. just saying.
  18. djt


    I have to agree.

    I’ve been running r-Factor, Game Stock Car, every SimBin title released, Dirt 3, F1 2011, Shift, netKarPro, iRacing, GT5 on PS3 and Forza on XBOX 360 and from what I’ve seen of CARS so far it’s has a lot of potential without a doubt.

    This project might finally give what many of us have been asking for, the excellent DirectX 11 graphics/performance that we’ve seen from titles like Dirt3 and F1 2011 combined with the realistic car handling physics that we’ve seen from r-Factor, netKarPro or even iRacing.
  19. Couldn't agree more. With my very first lap, I knew this was something special. Even with no AI and only 2 tracks, I can play this all day. Even nKP doesn't do it for me anymore. The physics and handling are exceptional.

    Some people think this won't be a sim when it's finished. I can't see how that is possible. Right now it's better than anything currently out there and it can only get better.

    This time, it's the console versions that will get "dumbed down" instead of the other way around. CARS will be finalized and optimized for PC's and PC hardware before they even start to make the console ports.