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Project car account!

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by drmc450, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    i'm interested to buy a project car account
    via pay-pal!

    i want to play this game so bad!

  2. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Question is: how bad? :D
  3. Apart from the fact that personal accounts can't be sold, you should know that this sim can't "be bought" as such. Many people have signed up with WMD without understanding that it's a development project - the finished product will be available to buy sometime next spring.
  4. People might get rich with it after all :D
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  5. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Yeah, indeed. People might suddenly want to have a Fiat when they can simply buy a Ferrari for the same price from a different developer. ;)

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  6. Wait, where di you hear next spring? I thought it was coming out this year around Thanksgiving?
  7. Yes the time span has been pushed back officially and the members back this decision. We all want the title to be the best it can be at release. Are you not a member isamu? It also almost seems that the Staff at RD have a personal grudge that I am not aware of for this title? I have always thought very highly of this site and I really just don't get why very little exposure is given to this title here?
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  8. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I have an account and no intention to sell it - this account belongs to me, not RD. Believe it or not but just because I have a red user name doesn't mean that everything I'm saying is being said in the name of RD.

    Then again, every time I'm playing pCARS (usually after each update) I'm getting disappointed a little more. This is merely SHIFT3, realism appears to be no priority.
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  9. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Moderators from other webpages can have oppinions, so why not RD.
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  10. Haven't tested a build in some months now, probably should, it's just that like with Tom here I get more disappointed with every build I jump on and try :(
    I want this sim to be great, it would just mean more fun for me, but alas I think it's quite bad at the moment. Theres still time to improve though.
    Ohh and on topic, no you can't buy my account, good luck finding one ^^
  11. Well if you look you do not see much coverage here on the title. I mean you even have coverage for Drive Club here. I am sure that sites tend to lean toward some more than others but the fact that pCARS has such a large community I would think it would get ample coverage even if only to better promote your own site.
    Tom I agree everyone is allowed their own tastes and opinions so why not give it a little more coverage and let your viewers decide? I was considering going premium I will keep that in mind in the coming months.
  12. What kind of promotion is it covering a sim that which owners came on these very forums and started threatening the site with lawsuits and being generally obnoxious?
    I can fully understand if none of the staff has any in interest in covering pCars, and I'm sure you'll find your share of news on the sim on the wealth of other sim racing related news sites out there.
  13. Okay I do remember something about that and as I remember it was over a comment about a ban that was made. The idea is that a larger portion of these forum sites try to protect the interests of the developers and remove certain posts from the forums. Virtualr just removed a few in response to an iRacing thread about involvement with Steam. The post in question had over 40 likes yet they still removed it because of the attacking nature of it.
    As far as what was done here on this forum I see a man fighting for the image of his company as I would expect the owners of this site to do the same.
  14. And I expect the owners of this site to allow peoples opinions to be left unmoderated even if they are critical towards a company or sim (throwing crap, calling names and serving lies are not included however). I've seen enough of moderation of posts just to butter up the devs on other sites.
    Nuff of offtopic though, at least from me. :)
  15. Exactly.
  16. tell me the price and i'll tell you if i want it that bad! :)
  17. Any relation to fent665 who tried the same thing over at NG?

    I'll sell you my Account for £1000 + an everlasting Swizzle Lolly?
  18. Peter

    who cares Premium

  19. lol
  20. Hi guys,
    some account PC for sell? Thank you very much for offer.