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Project C.A.R.S Build 149 (Rocks!)

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Steve Hew, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Now it feels like a sim :) i think this is the best build so far in cars....with new FFB and lock, make a big difference!
    I can now predict my cars behaviour...and can now feel the road...still have a few graphical glitches but alot better then previous builds .. they have added the new Circuit de la Sarthe :) this game is headed in the right direction thanks to the new build. looking forward to next build :)
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  2. Yup agree. 144 was my first test and 149 is a big improvement over it.

    Love the calibration then set ratios individually for each car in setup. So much easier then other games.
    Looking forward to spending some more time with it and of course Fridays update.

    Ffb much mproved. Don't lose all feel when turning in tight anymore either.
  3. Yes definitly.They made a big leap forward. This is all comming along very fine.
  4. 144 was so bad for me that I'm going wait even longer before I bother again especially as some people claimed 144 felt like GTR evo...
  5. Build 149 for me introduced slower frame rates with identical settings and frequent crash to desktops under dx9 and 11. Went back to 144 and it stopped crashing.