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problems with logitech momo force the red one

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by skydriver, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Hi racing people i have a problem with my logitech momo force the red one when i let go of gas pedal the car brakes and my steering has not the same speed as in the game in the game the steering is to slow why o why?
  2. Having simulair problem

    Just try the logitech profile and create a workable profile

    I am still searching on my other steers i have no problems at all

    but keep in mind it's a old steer
    but a good one

    2010 was also finding correct profiles
  3. For the first issue, see if you have 'Combined pedals' checked in Logitech profiler.
  4. no they are seperate but when i hold the gaspedal at +- 20% it works so it got to do with the gas brake axes settings
  5. could you sent me the profile you use please.
    is it the same steeringweel?
  6. Use the logitech gaming software and use all default settings first
    I am testing atm both MOMO's balck and Red but i am going to get me a new wheel
    Like the G27 or even the thrustmaster T500rs
  7. Logitech MOMO Racing Custom Settings

    [​IMG] 0

    Author : ariehead

    - 10% Steering Deadzone
    - 2% Braking Deadzone (There is a bug which disables the slipstream effect if you are using a wheel/pedals. The fix (strange that it is) is to set a deadzone in your brake pedal to 2% or more- viola slipstream now working)

    - Remapped buttons and keys:

    In Game:
    - top left button : Change Cam
    - top right button : Rear View
    - middle left button : Pause
    - middle right button: Car Status
    - bottom left button : DRS
    - bottom right button: KERS

    - Left : Paddle Left/Gear Down
    - Right : Paddle Right/Gear Up
    - Up : Shift Up
    - Down : Shift Down
    - Back : top left button
    - Select : top right button

    Install to folder actionmap (don't forget to backup original file)

    - Use bottom right button (functions as windows Esc) twice when Game starts and then the MOMO wheel is activated: use above MENU controls to navigate !
    - Use PAUSE (middle left button) to enter Instant Replay indirectly
    - Small bug when changing to Car monitor with Paddle Right: Paddle Right also used to accelerate time.
    Workaround: press "Back" again then go right and enter Tyre Menu.

    Attached Files:

  8. Hi! I had all kinds of strange errors on 2 wheels like this. Both of them worked 5 years though:) On my 3d now:) On both of them pedals started to act strange.
    - Not possible to use max throttle/ brake always on (about 20 %)
    - Not possible to use max brake /gas always on (about 20%)
    - Computer doesnt understand the difference between gas brake
    - And all values are "shaking" up and down even thoug I dont press any pedal.
    - Sometimes even pedals work like steering wheel and the other way around.

    Enough complaining:)
    I bought used wheel of the same model from people who think logitech G25 and G27 is better:)
    and started troubleshooting. On both wheels it was the "wire package" (not electricity) that was broken.