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Problems with f1 2010 on pc...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ben Farmer, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all , I upgraded my pc to these specs-

    CPU-AMD Phenom 1090T BE @3.2ghz (stock)
    RAM -8gb corsair ddr3 @1600mhz
    Motherboard -M4A89GTD Pro
    PSU- 750w CiT
    GPU - 9400GT ( Old graphics card , saving for a good one )
    Windows 7 Ultimate , 64 bit

    I usually play F1 2010 on xbox 360 but i've always wanted to try it out on the pc so went and bought it. Installed it all fine but when it comes to playing the game i cant get over 15fps on the lowest settings and at that it feels very laggy ! :frown:
    Is it possible my GPU is bottlenecking my system that much , is f1 2010 a gpu intensive game ? Or do you guys reckon theres a problem elsewhere? :confused:

    any advice is appreciated , thanks
  2. this is an office gpu.^^ your card is slower than a 9800gt and a 98gt is from 2007 because its a 8800gt.

    your PSU is oversized. 450w is enough for a quad core cpu and a good gaming gpu.

    for your current system 300w is enough
  3. Thanks for stating the obvious.
    Really psu oversized , thats going to do what exactly? Its a 6 core cpu not 4.A 300w psu isnt a good choice for a gaming pc that will be getting upgrades in the future and quite simply not enough for the system. Anyone with usefull information ?
  4. That does seem low. There are a couple things to check. Drivers obviously make sure they are up to date. Go to (something like) documents / games / formula 1 and edit hardware config XML. Make sure you have 'true' for force dx9. If you haven't patched your game to 1.01 I suggest you do it. If you don't mind losing puddles and rubbered in line, there is a line of XML you can remove which seems to help performance. That's if you have this line as people's installs seem to differ. I honestly can't remember it right now, but check out the 'post patch performance' thread for the details.To be truthful your card will struggle and yes F1 is all about the GPU as it's a direct console port, so any PC processor better than a hamster wheel isn't gonna give big gains. 4 of your cores are likely to be having a tea break most of the time. Check out my thread on the i5 build I did for someone, lots of benchmarking and info in there.
  5. Also changing your audio from 'rapture' to 'software' can bag you a few FPS. I wouldn't worry about your PSU tbh. Maybe when you upgrade you will get 2 cards and need the extra juice. It's better to have it and not need it... :D as long as it's a decent one, it will only use what you need anyway.
  6. i mean the 300w psu for your current sys with the 94gt

    i have a q9550 overclocked at 3,6ghz, 4x2gb ddr2 ram , nvidia 285gtx 2gb, 4x hard drives. and i have a 525w psu from enermax

    when you have a good psu from a good manufacturer ( enermax, coolermaster, be-quiet, seasonic, cougar, and many more), then you dont need more than 450-500w for an average gaming pc.

    sry for my english. im from germany

    i come from one of the biggest german hardware boards. heres a good overview :


    heres an example^^

    C2Q 9550 @ 3,8GHz| ATI 5870| Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P| Enermax Modu87+ 600W| 5 LWs| 12 LUs|
    IDLE: 102W| Last: 368W (Prime + Furmark)

    means full power.

    Lw means drives. lu means fans

    but back to topic, the problem is not the psu, its the gpu. simple

    did you install the patch for f1 ? if yes, did you put the waterpuddles fix from codemasters into the config file. if not, you will still lose more fps.
  7. Going by your setup mine is similar only the GPU, PSU and CPU are different. Bellow is my specs and i play F1 2010 with ultra settings.

    OS: Windos 7 Ultimate x64 bit
    CPU: AMD Athlon x4 640 (want to upgrade to the Phenom x6 one day)
    Ram: 8GB's DDR3
    PSU: 650w
    GPU: ATI 5750 (want to upgrade this when the new GPU cards come out)
    Hard Drive: 500Gb sata (thats enough space for me)
    Motherboard: AsRock N68C-S-UCC

    I have no problems running F1 2010, so upgrading your GPU will be the only thing you need to do. If you do upgrade the GPU though you may as well go out and get yourself a high end one because in the long run it will save you money having to upgrade again and be worth it. I don't overclock anything on my com[uter its all set as standard. The motherboard because it has the UCC feature i have unlocked all cores , the board its self isn't a high end board but its good enough. In fact the board was to replace my old one which was an Assus, but the CPU i had at the time was a Dual Core AM2 socket so i had to go with this board because there was no other AM2 socket boards available to buy from the shop. Its been a good board so far and hopefully it remains like that for a long time.