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Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Roger Snead, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Hey Warren , You are right, you can drive fast and get around w/o much incident.
    My in game steering has totally changed, It is totally 100% better. It is unreal, how good it is now. before I couldn't go ten feet and stay on the road (LITERALLY) Now it is what I dreamed of. The handbrake is perfectly contollable, and my FFB is much more realistic.

    Now the catch,I deleted Force Feedback Multiplier = 60 in the RBRini file. I read on a couple places to do that.
    I also changed my resolution to X= 1366 and Y= 768 because I read said I could do that since my native PC was that. And the third thing, I deleted PC Filter Input.bac from under the main RBR file as instructed.

    I cranked it up and have lost fullscreen(bars on top and bottom) not windowed, cause the pic goes all the way across horizontially. I also have the task bar at the bottom.

    But here is the real killer, I have no menus, no DigiDash, no Pace notes (verbal only) Now, what is weird is...... I have square empy shadow where DigiDash would be, small empty square where pace notes would be, fully visible taskbar, and colums and bars in red where the ingame menu selections would be.....Call for Help. Options, Controller, etc . i.e. There is not a single word anywhere on the screen, in the game.
    Trying to get things back, I went into Recycle Bin and hit Restore for "PC input Filter.bac" It is now back under RBR. Going into RBR.ini I dont have ANY resolution listed, no X or Y....nothing. in that regard. fullscreen= true

    Please feel free to give up,I understand. So odd I am able to finally enjoy perfect in game steering inputs and ffb. The FFB is much stronger.
  2. Sounds like you have the Video Resolution wrong again.
    I thought you had it running ok with 1024x768 ?

    I'm confused about which monitor you are using?

    You need to have it matched to your screen resolution. If you keep swapping from a PC monitor to the HD TV, then you need to change the reslution to match it.

    Check your RBR.ini file and try putting the X & Y Res back to what worked before.
  3. [Settings]
    ParticleQuality = high
    RenderCarShadow = true
    RenderQuality = high
    RunStartup = false
    UseCubicEnvironmentMaps = true
    UseEAX = true
    UseTripleScreenBuffers = true
  4. I am using the PC to TV via VGA cable (Always) As i said I never tried 1366X768 since the RSRBR install. So I thought I could maybe now. My PC native reso is 1366x768 My TV and PC run rfactor and other sims on 1366x768.
    As you can see above I dont have X and y reso now, since I changed it.
    I ALWAYS use the TV to play.
  5. If that is the contents of your RBR.ini file, then there has been a lot of lines removed, including all the ones affecting your video.

    You need to restore the RBR.ini back. I assume you don't have a backup?

    Here is a copy of mine:
    Depth = 32
    ForceFeedback = true
    Fullscreen = true
    MinDepthBits = 24
    MinStencilBits = 8
    ParticleQuality = high
    RenderQuality = high
    RunIntro = false
    RunStartup = false
    Sound = true
    UseCubicEnvironmentMaps = true
    UseEAX = false
    UseSoftwareAudio = false
    UseTripleScreenBuffers = false
    WaitRetrace = true
    XRes = 1920
    YRes = 1080

    You can copy these lines into yours, change the XRes and YRes to your resolution, and save it.
    Alternatively, I can send you mine and you can use it to replace yours.
  6. So, I can clear everthing in my RBRini file Clean it all out, and copy and paste above (yours) and change only the resolution to what I had before 1024x768?

    If I can do that and get it all back, I will leave it alone, and not bug ya.

    I just hope I can keep these fantastic wheel setup...I did not change a thing with wheel or config. But it is nice. Before it was undriveable
    Now I can go along at a nice clip and maintain control. Feels perfect. We will see . I could actually race someone like this. No way in the world before.
  7. Yep, just copy mine fully, paste it into yours (over the top of all of yours), change the last two lines to show
    XRes = 1024
    YRes = 768

    And save it.

    Hopefully this gets you going again. If we need any "fine tuning" we can sort that later.

  8. Do you have Teamspeak installed by any chance?
    If you do, we could discuss your problems directly which might help both of us to solve these things more efficiently. I'm trying to "guess" what you have which is not easy.

    I don't have Skype.
  9. No teamspeak. Sype is real nice as we can both see my screen. Its free and even I only took 10 min to set up. You can talk with or witout video, It would be great if you sign up.
    Over the top of mine? Dont delete all mine and then paste? Are you saying just click paste with my settings in there like you see them? Sorry.
  10. Either way to copy and paste should work.
    If you highlight all or yours with the mouse, and paste mine over top it will be ok.
    Alternatively, clean yours out first and then paste mine over the blank one.

    Just make sure yours looks exactly the same as mine (in blue above) before you save it.
  11. No, that did not work. I got rid of the taskbar though, but not a single written word anywhere in the game, sillohettes only and red bars for the different options that are not there.
    If you look at your menus there are borders..... small columns of vertical and horiz. bars where the words go.....Contoller, exit, yes, no,
  12. Can you post a screenshot?
  13. Dont know how. Is that your email address I sent to the otherday? Skpe is so easy to sign up and you can see everthing on my PC. I will try right now to take a pic and post the link on media file..5 min.
  14. Lets transfer this to PM, I'll open another conversation.