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Problem with Venue Material

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Makwa, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Hi all and many thanks to Brendon,

    When I try to apply material on my track (this is my first project...), I get this
    error message...

    Can you help me, please ?

    PS: I am french and my english is not so good...:disapointed:
  2. Have you tried a different Material?
  3. Try to restart btb, sometimes worked to me..
  4. Eric : yes, i've tried several material, but....error !
    Caste: I've restarted BTB ....and reinstalled ....nothing !
  5. Try to download again the xpack....I don't know if it works, but try..
  6. Ok, Caste, I'll try that.
    Thank you so much :good:
  7. Sorry, but it don't works...
    I would like to uninstall my version and download the version, but I can't find it...:confused2:
  8. Wait...instead changing material from venue material, try another thing...go to surface, then click on material and change with the one that you want (like you will do with a wall)
  9. It works !!!

    Thank you so much, Caste !:thanks::handshake:
  10. Great! :bounce: