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Problem with race starts

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Daryllwin, May 8, 2015.

  1. Hi All

    Is anyone else experiencing problems with their race starts?

    Specifically before the car comes on screen, it is already in gear one and rolling past the starting box. Naturally it comes with a penalty notice.

    Any fixes for this that I have missed?

  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Engage clutch and press the brake?
  3. If the track start is on a slope, you need to do as Bram suggests.
  4. yah but the problem is, as the op said, this happens before the car even comes on screen. Happens to me as well. Obviously the suggestion above works but its pretty silly to have to do this before you are "in" the car technically.
  5. Justin

    #1 overuser of the :P emoticon

    Yeah this is a problem and by the time you can even engage the clutch you're already given a jump start penalty. Happens completely at random, even on flat circuits.

    Which is also weird as you can also A: Jump the lights going green by around half a second without penalty, which makes you get a ridiculous advantage in starts and B. getting better launches off the line by engaging first gear, pressing the brake instead of the clutch, revving the car and releasing the brake just before the lights go green. It's as if every car has the Nissan GTR launch control system installed :p

    So yeah, race starts in general need a lot of work.
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  6. The penalty is really about leaving your start "box" area (sort of like the older race starts like the video above). The car is set back a bit so as long as you don't leave the "box" before the lights drop, you are fine.
  7. The issue I've found is that you can jump the start by over half a second in Single player.
  8. The main issue is that the AI won't jump. :)