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Problem with new Logitech DFGT any advice please.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Olof Lee, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Hi
    I'm wondering if some of you could shed some light as to what's going on with my new steering wheel.
    I just bought a new Drive Force GT after my old Force Ex gave up the struggle (broke the steering wheel off), the new wheel is all well apart from the force feedback setting for wheel weight is permanently on full weight in games F1 2010, GTREvo, Race On regardless of settings in game options or profilerer settings, in Dirt 2 its the opposite, set on permanently light wheel weight regardless of options settings, and in NetKar I just lost all force feedback! It is driveable like this but the full weight in F1 2010 just is really heavy and hard work and tends to drown out the feedback effects. Also this is a brand new unit and after a couple of hours play it gets warm and a slight hot motor smell can be smelled, worried something's going to burn out!
    My old Driving Force Ex wheel had non of the above problems and performed flawlessly.
    I have changed the drivers to latest.
    Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. My old DFGT never got that hot, so I dont like the sound of that at all. However the, the settings issues do sound more like a driver problem/settings. I know you have installed the newest drivers, but before we go further, try re-installing them again (after propperly un-installing the current ones) and also re-install F1 2010. We should concentrate on one sim first, so make it F1 2010. Do this first and get back to me, we will go through this methodically unless someome else has fixed this problem before and wants to 'chime in' :)
  3. Thanks for reply have just done both of what you said and problem still there. Its quite weird because when the car is sat there not moving the steering is light its only when it gets going the steering gets heavy, opposite to what happens in real life.