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Problem with nametags

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Piotr Misiorek, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. I'm recently experiencing problems with nametags, I'm sure that I have button assigned to turn them on/off but they don't show up usually and also pit menu during the practice or qualy don't show up but in race it will be working. Some friends from my league have same problems and I don't see any explanation for this weird situation, anyone here have something like this?
  2. I too have noticed some strange things recently with name tags in game, this is especially noticible when using the Porsche Mobil 1 Cup Mod and I had wondered if it was a setting that this mod had changed on my PC. On external view I can only see the tags of cars really close to me, but in cockpit I can see more name tags on cars that are farther away.
    However, before we all start to blame a particular mod, as the Race Series has evolved and SIMBIN have released updates I have seen that some changes and updates have been made to the way that nametags are handled in game - if we go back around a year the distance and angle that nametags were displayed at was very high - you could see the tags of cars on cars on other parts of the track that were a long, long way from your car - fine you might say, its nice to be able to see where everyone is - and on higher spec. computers I don't think it was a problem - unfortunately on anything but the best pc's this 'massive' draw distance for nametags appeared to have a major impact on graphics performance, causing graphics stutter and lag - SIMBIN, eventually, began sorting this problem out and in a couple of updates brought the distance that nametags and the angle of nametag display down - and this with other update tweaks and adjustments really did help a lot of people out with graphics problems, so maybe they continue to lower it even more in recent updates? Does anyone else know?

    PIT Menu - as far as I can remember this has NEVER been available in Practice or Qualify - I know in, say, Rfactor you can display it during practice and qualify, and so to NOT have it available in the race series seems different, if thats what your used to, you will also I am sure have found that if you enter the pits you go back to garage, this is just how Race handles it - the option to run a car in quali. with a low fuel load, warm the tyres and then pop into the pits for more fuel whilst keeping the same part worn, nicely warmed up tyres would be nice, the same as the option to have either an AI or REAL driver Safety Car would add to the games immersion would be nice, but SIMBIN haven't chosen to give it to us - mind you why add complication to a game format that clearly works and is already a success?

    Hope I have helped with your query.
  3. very good observations, for sure it's connected with draw distance and recent updates

    I discovered that using low FOV setting values (<75%) is causing problems with nametags
  4. to solve this problem you need to find in plr file this line:
    Labels: Distance multiplier="0.10000" // Distance to camera is multiplied with this value and added to height of the labels
    and change value from 0.20000 to 0.10000
  5. OH, i will try this, thanks, i have also problems with not appearing nametags.
  6. It works! Finally the nametags are back, thanks again! :)