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Problem with MS Wireless Wheel (Help?)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Chris Hazeldine, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. ey all.

    My MS wheel seems to be developing a strange problem.

    Basically sometimes when I turn the game on and start playing the pedal set doesn't work properly. I simply fixed it by disconnecting and reconnecting the RJ11 cable between the pedals and the wheel itself and this managed the problem when it happened...once I'd made the fix it was ok for the duration of play on that particular day... Now though it seems to be happening during pit stops mid race. It's fine when I come into the pits, but then when I leave the pits the throttle pedal don't work properly anymore (it can give me anywhere between 10-90% of the available power). Sometimes buttons stop working too.

    Anyone had any experience with a similar issue or have an idea on a cause/fix for this?
  2. I've been having the same problem as well with the pedals not working. I believe it's due to a break inside the RJ11 cable, I'm getting a replacement cable this week so once I've got it I'll post if it's fixed the problem or not.
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  3. Thanks mate
  4. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    Chris i have it sometimes on the same wheel, for example i can come out of a corner hit the gas and it feels like no revs or very little, then bang the power comes. i get it even more when i adjust gears for certain corners (i was convinced it was a bug). but i sprayed some WD/40 on the lead ends and tbh i think it cured it! it would mainly happen on 1st go's ect.
  5. Mark that sounds similar mate. I'll have to give your fix a try...did you give the wd40 any particular direction or did you just get it in everywhere?
  6. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    just gave both ends of it a light spray mate, not much, not dripping or anything! just try to get it in the connectors really
  7. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    I have spare pedals and cable if you can't can't get it sorted.
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  8. That's awesome Gavin. I'll see how I get on and will let you know!
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  9. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    great, something else to watch out for.... I've already had paddle issues...
  10. It's a bugger getting upstream eh
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  11. I received my new RJ11 cable and my pedals seem to be working perfectly again now. So if Mark's WD40 fix doesn't work I'd highly recommend getting a replacement cable from Gavin or they're less than £2 on ebay though make sure you get a 4 pin one.
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  12. i ahve an issue where after patch v1.2 my forcefeedback is fubar!

    i had these settings before from 2010 & pre patch v1.2 on f1 2011. now the MRs doesnt appreciate the rumble and the racket my wheel gives off when clamped to the desk, so i ditched forcefeedback and ambient effects down to 0%, and left ONLy wheel weight on @ 30%

    perfect 3am driving without the racket and the feel is still good, post patch and now it feels like there's 1 settings for force feedback, everything 100% or OFF. if i turn everything down and have only 10% for wheel weight it kicks out what feels like 100% wheel weight ambeint effects and enviroonemtn effects, even though they are all still on 0%? now if i turn down wheel weight also to 0% (which i did a test once pre patch, and felt nothing as if Force Feedback was OFF) instead of a limp wheel i get force feedback, BUT it's not a 100% feel, it's completly potty, it kicks and rumbles and throws itself about the desk even if im going in a straight line on no bumps? you have to fight the wheel to drive the cvar, thats not good. so only soulution is to go to FORCE FEED BACK on/OFF and tunr the bugger OFF. so now i have alimp dick wheel with no feel going thorughy it but hey i can drive, the real kicker! when u go into pits and get put into garage (ala qualy not race pitting) when u come back out again the whole wheel FFB comes alive again, wheel kicks and spits it's dummy out all over the shop. go into the menu and it says FFB OFF ? WTF? turn it on, turn it off and come back out of menu and all is fine again, ok when ur doing practice qualy sessions for an upcoming league race, but during a Q session on a sunday evening i have to pull over and turn it on/ off again, which is ok until the car auto drives itself back onto the track and into another player getting a pen, swear words are a nice way of putting this! ;-)

    the real icker is, you ask CM on their froums about this... nothing i might as well be pissing in the wind.

    this is why i hate CM, they can't even make a decent car game, dont get me wrong i love me F1, and gld it came out, but thats like being a herion addict, and the only herion is the crap brick dust laced with rat poison stuff sold by a dealer called CM, what ya gonna do not buy it? im addictied! (to f1 i might add) so your stuck with only one product and that product aint worht ****, thats how i feel about CM's f1, i love F1 live and breath it die watching it, but hate CM rant over cheers guys

  13. Please dont feel the need to rant on every thread Akira :D

    This is like the 3rd or 4th post you have made today, each one ending with a little rant about CM
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