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Problem with Gravel (RBR)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Ralf Ääro, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Today I started my first RBR Project (bevore I just did some GTR2 Projects). I created 2 roads. One of them Asphalt, and one of them Gravel. After assigning the textures to the roads I decteted, that on all the materials in the XPack "roada" is set as the racer-surface.

    So I changed the Surface to "gravel" (and the rfactor name to "grvl") within BTB (not Xpacker) and exported the Project.

    But all I got is Asphalt-Surface. The textures are looking good. But when I brake hard I do hear that squeeky noise when youre braking on tarmac. It even feels like tarmac all the way.

    What am I doing wrong? ;)

    Has someone an idea?
  2. In XPack under textures you should create RBR physics file.
  3. BTB comes with a material editor. Follow the instructions (I think it is a README file), create your physics file and save it inside the XPack Textures folder with the same name as the texture and .rbr extension. May be you prefer to select one of the default gravel possibilities inside XPacker and click on "Create RBR Physics file".
  4. Thanks...thats working perfectly :)
  5. Yes, the material editor tool is great - you can make some eg. wet surface, or snowy - you will not see any rain playing the game, but the track can act some different ways :) It's just takes some time to make proper physics. I just dowloaded missing dll's (in my system) and voila! :)