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Problem when loading VW POLO Wrc Concept Car

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Tony Gentile, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Hi there having problems loading the VW Polo WRC Concept car from car pack A8W-12
    Sorry it loads up the green space bar loads rsrbr gets to the drive or tune feature
    I press drive then screen goes blank and returns back to the green bar screen back at start any ideas
    Have thought about deleting it from the pack and reloading again?
    Any ideas:whistling::whistling:
  2. Hmmmnnn!!! There is definitely something wrong with the A8W-12 Polo. :(

    I just tried to load it at Rally School and it crashed back to RSCenter.
    After a few more tests, it runs ok on all surfaces except gravel. Tamac, Snow and Monte Carlo seems ok but any gravel stage wont load.

    I'll have a search at RallyeSim and see if this is reported to them.
  3. I found this thread at RallyeSim. Unfortunately, somebody hijacked the thread and took it off topic (for about 3 pages :rolleyes: ), so I have raised it again in that thread.


    Maybe we might get an update in there now. :whistling:
  4. seems to be a problem with this car crashing apparently nomal mod france it loads up fine will try tomorrow and report back.
  5. I have a same problem,but rallysim says that the car only works on tarmac!!!!!...for now-:))
  6. Oh so that's why it crashed when I tried it. Wanted to run a gravel stage.
  7. Yep the VW polo wrc will only run on france stages seems to crash otherwise
    Also seems real laggy in picture frames
    Oh well thats a learning experience:whistling:
  8. I can run Snow Stages in it too. Try Finland.
  9. [did you find it lagging in rally mod?
  10. No, no lagging, it runs smoothly on my PC which is far from state of the art.

    However, I'd strongly recommend ignoring this car for now, until they fix it.
    It looks hideous in-game, the huge wheels sticking waaaay out past the guards. :sick: They seem to have ruined this car since it was first released, everything looks out of proportion.
    Hopefully they fix it up in a later RSRBR Update.