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Problem when creating a dedicated server

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by stop, May 4, 2013.

  1. I am trying to create a server for my mate to join and he's typing in the right IP Adress, but when he loads the IP Adress, no server comes up. Any help would be appreciated. :)
  2. You may need to do a few things and i may not remember them all.

    Make sure in Online/settings/"Announce on Matchmaker" is "yes" (if you clicked "perform hosting test" and it failed the test then i don't think you can select yes.If this is the case you need to make the edit I mention underneath..

    Open your multiplayer.ini you can find it in your rfactor/userdata folder. when you've found it look for this line below and make sure it has a "1" EDIT** (i might have this the wrong way around):thumbsdown:
    Announce Allowed="1" // servers should pass the firewall test before being allowed to list on the matchmaker.(if it was "0" then it may well be your problem and you've fixed it so go check at this point).If you still have the problem follow what I'm suggesting underneath.

    Make sure you are selecting the correct ip address?If you're behind a firewall/router this may be your issue..Search for a website called "portforwarding" dot com and find the "guide" for forwarding the correct ports for rfactor+(your model) of router. It will give you a great pictorial tutorial for your game+model of router so is useful for many games or torrent programs for example that you may have hosting-downloading issues with.

    Been along time since i did some of these things and hopefully someone with more recent experiences can pick through my post and info and add what I've forgotten about...good luck.
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  3. I've tried putting Announce Allowed to "1" and still my mate couldn't join. It still came up with "No games available" My mate didnt have announce allowed at "1" so is that the reason why?
  4. No i dont think so , try making a room with a easy name to see like XXXXXXXX and then look for it in the normal rfactor browser and get your friend to do the same...
  5. Does he enter the port number? I.e.
  6. if he looks on the main rfactor/online browser he should press search then filter by room name this way he should be able to see if "xxxxx" server is showing in the list..making sure to double check its your room with ? mod running...someone else may have a "xxx" room.
    I hope you followed the "portforward.com" tutorial? If "no" you need to double check here that your router is allowing the game to run outside of your home lan.

    try this link...it should have rfactor selected
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  7. Dux


    I too have problems as well as many others i think yet the game is by default like that, or i am wrong?

    Ill try it when i get home, thanks Bruce