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problem: own car

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by jan1, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I'm new here and want to create my own car. The instructions on racer.nl don't seem to be up to date. Some links also are dead.
    I have a textured (with UV mapping) car in blender. Directly exporting the car with the DOF-plugin does not work, because the plugin is outdated. So I exported it as obj-file, but modeler.exe does not show anything, when I try to import it.
    Is there a tutorial, which is up-to-date? and what could the problem be?

    Racer is a very good game and it would be great to use my own car.

    Hope you can help me. Thank you.


    P.S. My english might not be perfect, but I try my best.
  2. I'm running 2.57.1, I just load up save_dof.py with the dest= line changed to the right directory, and it makes a dof for every object on layer 1.
  3. 2o6


    Are you using blender 2.6? I have to run both 2.6 and 2.5 mostly because python's coding syntax changed and the old .dof export doesn't work anymore (without practically rewriting all of the scripts)

    Stereo, how did you get it to work? It's frustrating.
  4. I have savedof.py, Mesh2DOF.py, DOFfile.py, VertOpt.py in the blender root folder. I load up savedof.py, run the script, and it works. I don't know much more than that :x

    I'm also using Python 2.7 as far as I know.

    When I was on Blender 2.4x I had to mess with materials to get it to export, but once I did that, it just works (as I'm not making new materials), so I am not sure what that involved. I think I posted about it in the Aronde thread.