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Problem: cant load old project in RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by catrasca, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. My project does not work when is exported to RBR. (in rFactor works fine)
    It's the same project previously worked with the version of BTB 5.xxx and now 6.04 RBR is OK because If a sample track from scratch is exported to the game,. works perfectly.

    exceptionhandler called( RICARDO_2009 03 28-02 59 46.dmp )!!
    The DMP file is here

    Im so tired :-(
  2. please upload it at rapidshare.
  3. Upload what?
  4. the crash dump file ofcourse, for some reason megaupload doesn't work for me.
  5. i can't seem to find the problem. please try the last patch piddy just posted and if the problem persists please upload the crash dump along with the log.txt from RX_CONTENT\TEMP\ and also zip and upload your exported track files (the content of RX_CONTENT\TRACKS\BobsTrackBuilder basically).
  6. i have the same problem.... i don´t know what i doing wrong, as i say i can export any simple proyect since 0.6 to RBR, my RBR soft allways works fine, under XP and vista.... BTB runs fine on both... i think better in vista, but for some reason i can´t export any simple proyect to RBR... Rfactor works fine and i can drive all my BTB proyects on Rfactor.

    i do every thing twice, install vista, go to xp, reinstall every driver twice, and it dosent work.

    here a shot from a simple proyect to test


    and here is the dump file, exported version and BTB venue.


    i´m not runing original RBR soft.... i´m waiting to have my original from the web, it´s not easy to find RBR acctually, but i think i got it. next week.

    when it starterd to happen i never see again the RBR load picture that i used to see with my track name instead coste de abroz.

    now i see the blue screen for tree seconds and go to desktop or have a bluescreen forever.

    other strange thing.... before that, i wasn´t runing RBR original, and have RS08 and a lot of mod installed on RBR... it woks fine, and i remember RBR didn´t show me the intro video... only the first time i play it.... rigth now RBR show me allways the intro video, i´m a bit paranoid sorry about that. i really dosen´t kwon what i can do.
  7. your track loads with no problems here. the only problem i see with it is the first pacenote which should be a little bit in front of the car but that is NOT a cause for crash, it will only cause bad timings at the end of the race.

    you say you don't run original RBR... i'm not sure what you mean with that but the thing is you MUST have a clean RBR install, patch 1.02 and latest DirectX.

    i cannot tell you what will happen if you are using modifications, the plugin doesn't check, change or depend on other files except what is in RX_CONTENT.

    the plugin cannot and will not change your intro video settings or any other settings or files actually so it must be something else.

    i've never used RS08 so i don't know in what way that may affect the plugin but is possible, i'm sorry i can't fix an error i don't see :(.

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  8. I work all this week end with a lot of backups with the "deleting-testing" method LOL, this is my partial solution.
    I clear all the terrain and create a new one and its work in RBR..................But RBR now show half of the objects.
    I check everything with an XML editor and all seems be OK.

    I am seriously thinking to delete everything and start a new project​
  9. your problem may be different from liquido's and i thing it would be better to atleast try to find what's wrong before taking big decisions.
    please upload the crash dump, the log.txt and the track files at rapidshare.
    it would also help if you tell what OS and hardware are you using.
  10. Only upload the BobsTrackBuilder folder from RX_CONTENT/Tracks ????
  11. yes plus the log.txt file from RX_CONTENT\TEMP\ folder and the crash dmp file.
  12. I have not crash dump. The track now load OK, but not show at least half of objects. And there is a lot of collitions. Wait a few minutes and I ulpoad it.

  13. i think i have a corrupt RBR install, or something like that.

    thank for your time and help... i think is my problem, im doing something wrong :$

    please, one more time.... can you open that exported project?


  14. it works perfect from start to finish. i hope you'll be able to get RBR and continue your work because your attention to details, specially to the road camber is most probably the best i've seen so far.
  15. Thank you for reply.

    please tell me that with easy words... my english is poor and i take more than 30 minutes to "understand" what we are talking about... :$ at first i was thinking about people :)

    i think you are asking for that.


    I mean the crown as vertical curb of the road.... it´s true?

    i set 4cm of minimun value in all roads, you are talking to set 6,5cm as minimun value.. isn´t it?
  16. what is the default track wide?
    For me, in Rfactor cars seems to be very little and in RBR looks at scale
  17. sorry, I did silly math. :der: :der: (I did math when I shouldn't have :der: - slope is a ratio 0.02ft/ft = 0.02m/m)

    yes, that's exactly what I was talking about.

    its 0.02m/m so a 3m lane would have a 6cm drop minimum (tarmac)

    for gravel they call for 0.03m/m drop minimum

    here, they did a pdf of all the road cross-sections here:

    http://your.kingcounty.gov/kcdot/roads/eng/kcrs93/DrawingsSection1-000Roadway.pdf (.pdf 3mb)

    found another 2% seems standard for tarmac (0.02m/m) this is from california and is in metric too:
    http://www.myhamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyr...-BE50-E2E53948D8FB/0/StandardRoadDrawings.pdf (.pdf 9.6mb)

    I can't find any specs from europe, don't know what to search for :tongue: and can't find anything about tarmac mountain roads .. but maybe it will help someone.
  18. catrasca, you can see/adjust the width with the surfaces editor as above^ note the X,Y coordinates of the node that represents your edge of the road (I use surfaces for the ditch/berm in RBR)

    those X,Y numbers are from the centerline btw.