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PRO and WC Suzuka

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by stop, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Will today's races still go ahead considering what happened to Jules Bianchi? Obviously that's not the main thing I'm interested in. All I'm interested in atm is whether Bianchi will be ok :( Looked pretty nasty
  2. So don't watch/ don't race and go be interested elsewhere. Thousands of people die every day, but doesn't apparently doesn't float your boat enough. Only when there is a threat of that in something you follow. Hypocrite. Go away.This is not relevant in any way to FSR.
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  3. I was just guessing it is cos I'm guessing most of the FSR drivers follow F1 and know who Jules Bianchi is.

  4. How is that relevant to FSR races today? Are you gotta sit on your wheel chair whole day hitting F5 on some websites? Didn't think so.
  5. hold on, we thought you want to make FSR better (or i dont know about that), but when some F1 fans (including simracers) are concerned for a driver that is hospitalized, you actually point them in the other direction of FSR, simracers can be concerned too you know, dont be selfish for the fact we are concerned for another driver, some day it might one of our guys soon, we would be concerned about that, would you?

    btw if you dislike this post, then it confirms you actually trolled us, that is all i am going to say.
  6. Ron the that is totally irrelevant to FSR. It's like I want to cancel the races cause this morning in Bulgaria some drunk kids stole a car and crashed leading to 3 out of 4 being dead. As Ondrej said - people crash and die every day.
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  7. yea, should we be a little concerned
  8. If it was one of ''your guys'' you probably wouldn't find out. The person would just disappear so nobody would be concerned. Feel whatever kinds of feels you wanna feel, but once again, this has nothing to do with FSR today. We are going to have an epic battle for the championships hopefully, so that is what matters.
  9. even after races, we are still going to find out, stop being selfish.
  10. For once I have to agree with Ondrej, this has nothing to do with today's races. All we can do is hope he's ok and nothing we do is going to help either way. You can bet we will send out a message on the broadcast though but other than that we can do nothing so race should go ahead.
  11. If that is the case, could you also send out a message for each eastern ukrainian massacred by the ukraine nazi army in the last months and every person who died of ebola? Also everyone else who got beheaded last months? I see same relevance to FSR as with Bianchi. So please don't...
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  12. We shouldn't have raced in Monza after Holzmann fly hard death accident :giggle:
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  13. I thought he was dead as a driver long before that, but that's just me.
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  14. We shouldn't race Suzuka either... RIP Christof

  15. I don't feel good, because I slept 2 hours. Let's cancel it.
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  16. i should have been dead after my Formula Challenge race 1 crash at silverstone when i flew into the grandstand
  17. Shame...
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