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Precision Motorsports Italy setup incident

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

    we decided to come public after some events that happened over the past weekend. One of our team members decided to give one of our setups away to someone else, if by his own will or not we don´t know, neither do we know who did it. This setup was published today in the forum. The thread was deleted quickly, but we figured most people have it already anyways, so we decided to set things even and give the setup to everyone in FSR. To be clear, this is the Setup as it was used in Q1 and not a fake one.

    This is a really tough situation for the team unfortunately, having worked almost nonstop since 2008 to achieve what we achieved in this time, finding that the actions by 1 person can bring it all down in an instant. Trust in the other members of a team is the most important thing when working together like this. I don´t need to tell you that currently it´s difficult for everyone to trust eachother completely, specially when all but one deserve to be trusted completely. It´s a really difficult situation, and I hope if anyone of you has Information about what has happened you can contact me through PM.

    We had to endure a similar situation back in 2010 when a fellow FSR Member decided to come forward and inform us what happened, which was a great move and I really appreciate that. I don´t know if making it public will help solve this problem, and if not, at least we set it even that everyone has the setup, and not just the lucky few who were fast enough to download it.

    Follow the link to download the Setup: http://precision-motorsports.de/index.php?id=downloads
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  2. Now Selvarajah can win every WT race, finally.
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  3. That's a sucky situation... I hope for your sake it doesn't happen in the future, as much as I like having your Setups..
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  4. Now Ron Squire is gonna make it into G1!
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  5. Sense. This setup makes none.
  6. I thought there can't be anything worse than a default setup. I was wrong.
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  7. lol guys , you are talking like it was a fake setup
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  8. 100% driver and 0% set right
  9. your setups are worse
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  10. Precision setups not hard to come by from my short time here, allot of leakers around.
  11. It's also not difficult to find people here who leaves and comes back with fake names.
  12. /////////////////
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  13. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    How slow are your reactions? This user has been here for some time, since Hungary...and you note about him now?? :roflmao:
  14. It's not him.
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  15. Why there are so bitter people around for not being able to develop their own setups.

    Maybe they have some illusion of Bono winning only because of the setups. I'm quite sure that the PM drivers won't even need too awesome setups to do great results in these races ;) They didn't become who they are overnight.

    Good luck for you in trying to find out who did it. Difficult situation there.

    Mikko S
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  16. I just got back at FSR, what do you expect ? :D
  17. I think I would beg to differ
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  18. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

    Although a setup does not mean too much, these kind of actions are against the competition and the team work, which are the essence of FSR.

    A driver who pass information of his team is somebody who is not proud of being in that team, and therefore does not deserve being a driver of any team, no matters if it's PM or Jasco Spain. It's really sad.

    PM is the strongest team in the competition and I am sure that nobody gave them nothing for free... so they deserve to collect the outcomes of their work. Congratulations to PM for raising this issue to the open forum.
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  19. hehe amusing this happen again for EX-ATR driver Reitveld :) U have contract ATR ending 2013 season just so U remember Rietveld. Fools that agree contract with me then run away.. expect big punishment....

    Have fun to find who DDOS u :) FSR/dominguez clowns blame evil martin anyways cus its easy, everything martins fault :)

    - AGAIN just 3 simple words - IYF!
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