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Pre-purchase GTR Evolution on Steam and get RACE 07 free to download now !!!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by James Carter, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. WHOA

    Just saw this on STEAM


    I know most here will allready have Race 07, but for those of us who dont, this is handy for someone like me who doesnt allready have Race '07. Get to play Race '07 without having to wait till Monday :)

    Steam News
  2. That shows the price as $44 which would mean its the full edition anyway so in fact you would be paying for both as the upgrade edition is $22 and doesn't say anything about coming with race for free.
  3. Yes, sorry.

    It was only after trying to purchase the bundle I discovered that.

    Seems as though Valve have made a bit of a cock-up on this one.

    Have sent them a support ticket, shall see what they say.

    There is a discussion about it here:

    Pricing - Steam Users' Forums
  4. will be ordering the add-on on monday
  5. 44,99$ for full version is ok, thats 37,50€ incl. german taxes - better than 56,-€ in german electronic market
  6. 13 pounds isnt bad for a whole crap load of cars and a giant track
  7. lol sam thats one way to put it ;) lol when isit realeased in UK I HAVE TO GET ITTT :)
  8. ANYONE able to verify if you can add your GTR Evo DVD product key to STEAM then download through STEAM as you could with RACE 07.
  9. Only way to check that i would think is When It is actually available through steam itself.
  10. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Yes mate!
    I assure you. No refund from me of course...

    Its really no problem, I did myself.
  11. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Serials already work now (100% sure about this!)
    If you buy on Steam its on hold till Steam officially release those as well.
  12. ok, i've never purchased thru steam - call me an old fuddy duddy that like to get a piece of plastic to hold and call his own - do you know if upgrade will be available in store too or just as download?

    i guess the same goes for STCC as well...

  13. looks like being an old fuddy duddy may be the best way to be after this major balls up
  14. Thanks for the posts.

    Have ordered from abroad, mainly because I am a picky git and the packaging is much better than the naff DVD cases we get over here, proper full size cardboard boxes with nice artwork etc etc.

    Anyone who has seen the GTR2 "Game of the year" packaging will know what I mean.

    All this means I wont have the disc for a few days but the seller said they would email me the product key asap.

    Of course, it is not known for sure if product works work "Cross" region but I will find out in a few hours :)

    If it does, I will be playing GTR Evo in a few hours, probably before you lot who ordered on STEAM :p

    If it doesnt work, I will have a nice box and just await my UK pre-order.