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Post your best laptimes

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Im just curious as to what other times people are getting on this game.
    If people could give me a time what they did it in if its TT or Career Or Single Play Grand Prix and it what car you all did it in.
    Like i said i just want to know how good other people are in the game oh and what console you are playing on too thanks
  2. SPA run

    1:48:902 McLaren no aids ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 03 16.08.jpg
  3. You need to know if Tyre and Fuel sim were on in GP or Career mode to get a better idea.

    For TT's both are off by default and have more grip than other modes anyway, I've seen it in a file somewhere that has grip multipliers with TT's having the highest value.

    I've done a 1.14.400 at Montreal in the Wet TT.
  4. quick times anyone else got any best times???
  5. Ive not run time trials or grand prix mode, only Career mode, fuel sim off and tyre sim on in a lotus, with all the driving aids turned off. I'm guessing that means my times are going to be years behind other peoples.

    Monaco 1.16.3
    Singapore 1.41.9

    To be honest i cant remember, i usually post the best times during the race as i get the extra practice i need to perfect lines etc. The AI cars always drive faster in the race than in qualifying also. i rarely remember my times, there are only a few tracks that i really enjoyed. Monaco, Spa, Singapore, Montreal.

    In time trial mode you're in a fully upgraded car, with the max performance, perfect tyres, perfectly rubbered in track.. its instantly a few seconds faster than the best career mode laps.
  6. nice monaco time i got a 1:40:7 in my lotus in singapore and 1:18:4 in monaco but its not my fav track in the game i just cant get the hang of it.
    Also they should have a way of checking your best times in career and if there is does anyone know how to do it
  7. Istanbul Park: 1:20.6-something.
    Catalunya: 1:17.645

    Maybe it's just my imagination, but it might look as if your car get's slower if you restart a lap in TT. It get's back to normal when you select return to paddock and restart the session from the results screen. Again, this might just be in my head. The difference isn't dramatic, if any. Maybe 0.2s. I just don't have the consitency to find out for sure.
  8. i did a 1:26:444 in my career lotus under my first custom setup ive never tried my own set ups but now that i did i cant stop messing around with it
  9. any other laptimes for me