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post patch performance

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by hippotastic, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Buying the Pc version is usually a lot cheaper than the console version, and you can tweak it. I play with 3xHD screens using eyefinity, and I bought this game when it came out, but did not really play it much. I picked it back up a few weeks ago and got into it, and its running fine. Or so I thought.

    I added that true light patch, and the change is remarkable. I tried in on Monaco first, and it was like going from late afternoon to midday. Nice, so I updated all the tracks with the least saturated set of files. Happy days.

    I then realised I had no puddles after seeing some YouTube vids. I found the "fix" from codies and tried it, it seems to work, but something I read kept nagging at me. So I loaded fraps and checked, I was getting about 35fps. Not really a problem, I was doing okay driving, it was smooth, but I read about the pre patch shaders, and replacing them fixing the fps issues and puddles..

    So I added those and what a difference that made! This has to be the most important update anyone can do to this game. After replacing the DX9 and DX11 files, I jumped up to 60-70fps. And the car seemed to be so much easier to drive, to brake properly, and it was again "night and day" the difference in feel. I felt like I gained an extra layer of control.

    I have a PS and Xbox, but prefer my pc as it is far more powerful, the games are cheaper, and you can fiddle with them to get what you want :)

    So thank you to all those that enable us to fiddle with our games, by figuring out some clever stuff and giving us some answers.
  2. so exactly which files did you replace?
  3. Wow that is so much improvement in fps. So please upload those files and share the link with us. Thanks in advance :)
  4. Thanks Paul Lock
  5. hey fellas... this didnt work for me, soon as i added line to hardware sett config i went from 60 fps to 34!!! so i have gone without puddles and rubbered in race line which really bothers me but it was very noticeable almost unplayable
  6. I removed the hardware sett config and I replaced the two DX9 and DX11 files Paul posted originally and linked in this thread. That got my fps back up to good levels and fixed the puddles too. With the hardware line added, I was getting 34 fps.
  7. You are getting puddles without that change in the hardware config file, just using the original pssg file ? Hm, interesting...what gfx card do you have ?

    Unplayable at 34 fps ?? Really ?
    If you had said 14 I would have understood but anything above 25 works, if it's 30 50 or 100 fps is not really noticable is it ?
    Not for me anyway :)
  8. 34 fps not unplayable, I did 4 seasons like that as I did not know any better. As I posted originally, something kept nagging at me after reading on these forums, I was reading someone getting 60 fps and 30 with Fraps. Braking seemed a bit hard sometimes, and I would miss turn-ins occasionally, I just put it down to over reaching my abilities ;) But the change afterwards was amazing, like going up a tier.

    I believe I have puddles without that line. Its not there atm. I have a ATI 5870 (I think, i keep forgetting) with 1gb ram on it and I run three 1920x1200 24" screens at around 60fps now.
  9. Oh I think it is running dx11 too, i7 (oc4Ghz) and 6Gb ram
  10. That is the point. The patch removed the rubbered in line & puddles. The line of code put them back, but at a cost of fps, & apparently those dx9 & dx11 files got the fps back.

    Thanks Paul for linking the files.
  11. 34 was the max and think was around 24fps lowest but it was badly slowed like you could see each frame almost...not sure how to describe it, sure it was playable just with very noticeable stutter!

    As to the dx 9 and 11 files i did that but im yet to notice any great improvements and definately no dry rubbered in race line which id like more than puddle effects...

    running DX9 and have it forced
  12. the dx files didnt fix fps for me, i had to remove hardware config file and returned to 57fps with min 47
  13. IIRC, the XML line is the fix for the puddles/rubber line - the postprocess files are the solution for performance & smoothing the pixilated raindrops which happend after the patch

    I need to have a look whether I have lost frames following adding the XML line as I havent checked that out for sure.

    It is totally possible, that something in the game patch means you are never going to be able to achieve both the original level of detail and original level of game performance.

    To give it a technical term, I think its called bad coding :p
  14. Anybody else have problems in keeping up with the other drivers after the patch, I recently downloaded the PS3 update and have been finishing dead last ever since, no matter what driver or grid position I am in. I was passed by Timo Glock halfway through the last lap in Valencia and despite making no mistakes finished 5-6 seconds behind him in a Red Bull.
  15. just noticed i still have pixilated raindrops even after changing postprocess files!! there was no particular order of changing them was there, long shot i know!!!
  16. Nah no particular order, as really its only gonna look at the one you need DX9 or DX11.

    My droplets still arent perfect and are a bit blocky, but for me they are a lot better than the patched postprocess.
  17. Hey Paul, did you check your fps
  18. No I havent just yet Simon, will try and remember to do that tonight or over the weekend.