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Post f1 Patch issue

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by xianG, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Well simply as that, i can't enter any race it stucks in the loading screen (that shows you your statistics meanwhile). i tried replacing work core maps like some guy said (renaming work core map 4 to 2 6 and 8) but it does not work. :S

    Anyone has a solution on this? This is really frustrating im quite sad..
  2. same problem with me man
  3. same here, i tried re-installing the game, applying the hotfix by codies but still im stuck in the loading screen. I dont even get into the garage. Really losing interest in the game now.
  4. i still have this problem even if i tried all the solutions are given(workermaps-MSAA) AND I TRIED codemasters fix....but nothing!is there anyone who can help.thanks!
  5. Yes, Just like Samjealsha said, we CAN'T load any track, it stops at the end of the "statistics" reminder... the sounds of the garage is sounding but it sticks with the stastistics panel... :S
  6. Hey guys sorry if i ask this but, if i use 11/10 springs stiffness it will glitch?= or is it only for 11/11? hehe
  7. Hi guys,
    Did you use a no cd patch? Cause this is the problem.
  8. Ha...ha... this happens only to people who use a crack. Go buy the game if you like it. Moderators please shut down this forum.
  9. I didnt use a crack and i have the problem of my car not exiting the pit. I can do a quick lap but cant exit. I cant seem to enter the forum website. Dunno why