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PC Possible to get the game look good on a 50" or bigger monitor?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Pär Öqvist, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. I must say I am not to impressed with PCars visually currently. My 50" TV broke so I was gaming on my 24" for some weeks and when Project Cars came. There it looks good best of the bunch overall I would say with some competition from Assetto Corsa.

    But when moving to my 50" TV the low res textures of it that slightly annoyed before have gotten a huge problem. rFactor 2 and even Stock car extreme is starting to be strangely competitive and even preferrable. Less trackside objects but the textures is higher res and hold up better on a 50" 1080p monitor. The low res textures of Project cars just don´t give me much detail and the nice lightning and atmospheric effects don´t come to their rights when there is jaggies all over the car models etc making them look unrealistic.

    Wonder if there is any efficient tricks? I have a GTX 980 but running justabout all settings max I don´t have much headroom and will have to compromise some settings if it´s possible to get higher res textures for PCARs. I guess Icould move the screen further away it should hide most of the ugliness but loose the point of the 50" monitor :)
  2. im not sure if pcars textures are lower res...i do notice for example partic w/ stock car extreme that they the tarmac, cars, & now even grass are very high-res though.

    i would suggest messing around with filters, one, which could be blurring the textures, & 2 -- if you can, use a higher level of AA. maybe try sacrificing some other settings to do this.

    AC uses very high res textures but by default theyre blurred, i have to use a sharpener to see them 'properly'. this can probably be done in pcars as well, but dont ask me how, i had to ask about how to do it in AC.... theres no real reason for ACs tarmac & car textures to not be presented as sharply as they can be if the AA is up to snuff. my guess would be if you have better AA & disable or tweak some filters, pCARS will shine properly on your screen.

    keep in mind, 1080p/50 inch, its going to be pixellated compared to a screen half that size. maybe youre using DSR for SCE/rf2? that will probably do a lot in that regard. you can try the d2x AA or the like in pcars for similar effect with what should be less performance hit.
  3. Not much you can do but sit further away from the display. That's just the nature of having a larger display. Larger display means you must sit further away to avoid seeing the pixels unless its a higher resolution like 4K, however he performance hit at 4K would be too great to enjoy any of the graphics features.
  4. It´s not that I run a multitude of games. Some use higher res textures then others :). But it seems like part of the crappiness was some post processing effects. Also I had textures set to high performance rather then high quality for some reason after a video card update so it also helped some. Also saved a few frames so I could enable more aa so it look quite good now. Not having 100 % smooth frame rates can be incredible detrimental to image quality also. I was running some 75 fps before but never really felt smooth. Looks like there is something with the post processing that is the big villain here.